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Christmas Party - Christmas Fun  

Christmas dinner is one of the most carefully planned meals of the year. Find help with menus, recipes  and even table decorations. Entertain your guests with traditional Christmas table setting and a Christmas dinner with a whimsical Christmas table decoration display.




Christmas Party Ideas

Table Decorations for Holiday Entertaining - Entertain your guests with traditional Christmas table setting and menus including a Christmas dinner with a whimsical Christmas table decoration display. These Christmas table decorations include a basket overflowing with gifts in the center of the table with a red ribbon attached to each gift and ending in a bow at the designated guest’s plate. An afternoon Christmas tea features Christmas table decorations with paper lanterns, lots of greenery and flowers for a festive table. Try the following:


Christmas Dinner


Christmas Eve Dinner


Christmas Breakfast


Christmas Lunch


Christmas Afternoon Tea


Victorian Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas Gift Hampers
Revive the British custom of sending a seasonable remembrance in the form of a gift basket or hamper neatly packed with an array of holiday goodies.

Gilded Age Christmas
Christmas dinner was one of the most carefully planned meals of the year, and domestic servants were responsible for making sure the event met expectations.

Gettysburg Christmas
Take a trip back in time to the festive Gettysburg Area and kick-off the Yuletide Season!


Holiday Cake Recipes:
If, according to the old nursery rhyme, little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, these ingredients are even more essential in the make-up of holiday cakes and puddings. Next easiest to Christmas cakes are the old favorites—plum puddings and fruit cake. Wrapped in plastic wrap, covered with white crepe paper and merrily tied with red ribbon, with a sprig of holly on top, their holiday wrappings will bring merriment and cheer to family and friends.


Plum Pudding Recipe

Christmas Dinner Favorites

Christmas Dinner
Prepare an authentic Victorian Christmas dinner from oysters to pate, from turkey to quail, with punch, fancy cakes and coffee.

Plum Pudding Recipe 
Traditional Christmas pudding recipes for Christmas dinner.

Eggnog Recipes
Stir up an traditional eggnog recipe for your holiday guests. 


Holiday Recipes

10 Best Holiday Recipes
Here are the 10 best holiday recipes for a festive traditional Christmas dinner.

Christmas Dinner Desserts  
Create an authentic display of Traditional Christmas desserts to dazzle your holiday guests. 

18th C. Christmas Holiday
Residents of 18th Century Williamsburg Observed Feast of the Nativity as a Holy Day.




Kids Christmas Party

Create a Victorian holiday table especially for children:

Christmas Breakfast for Children

Christmas Goose

Snowball Christmas Dinner



19th Century Traditions

Christmas with Irving, Thackeray, and Dickens
A glimpse of 19th C. holiday traditions seen through the writings of three of the era's most famous authors.

Christmas With Dickens
Charles Dickens' daughter tells of spending Christmas Dinner and New Years with her father.

christmas traditions

Victorian Christmas

Twelfth Night Gala 
Annual Twelfthnight gala with traditionall christmas dinner, period food, manners, fashion, music and dancing.

Victorian Christmas Carol
Here is an 1881 version of Silent Night. 

Christmas in the City and Country
An 1860s Christmas story from Godey's Lady's Book.



Victorian Ornaments - Free Ebook

Free Christmas Ebook

Christmas Ebook

Victorian Christmas Ornaments!