White Artificial Christmas Tree

One decoration that ornaments many households during the holidays is the Christmas tree. The tradition of having a Christmas tree adorn your house during the holiday first developed in Germany during the sixteenth century. During the nineteenth century is when this tradition began outside of Germany and became increasingly popular throughout other parts of the world. In its early days, the Victorian Christmas tree was originally decorated with edible treats like dates, nuts, and apples, sometimes with lighted candles throughout to give a laminated touch. However, as the world advanced, so did the decorations ornamenting a Christmas tree. With the advent of electricity came lit trees, additionally people began to hang candies, such as candy canes, and aluminum and glass ornaments on the trees to decorate them.



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Today, you can purchase Christmas trees in many different varieties; whether it is tall or short, thick or thin, real or artificial, this object is one of the most popular holiday decorations. Moreover, artificial Christmas trees are much more popular than real trees because the need to water and care for a tree is no longer necessary. With the advent of artificial Christmas trees came the option of having a different color tree than the traditional green fir or pine. Now Christmas trees come in many different colors varying from green, silver, gold, red, pink, and even white artificial Christmas trees.


Choose a White Christmas Tree

White Christmas trees are becoming increasingly popular, with almost every store having them available for purchase. Where to buy artificial Christmas trees? You can find these trees in a variety of stores including Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Target, and even online specialty Christmas stores. These trees are available in many sizes, whether you want a large or small white Christmas tree, they are many options to suit your decoration needs. Depending on how you would like your tree, you can buy a pre lit white Christmas tree or an unlit one. You can purchase either type at stores or online. If you choose to not get a white Christmas tree pre lit, you can easily buy the lights in one color or multi-colored to string throughout the tree. If you decide to string lights yourself, a quick online search will provide simple step-by-step guides on how to string lights throughout your tree.


Decorating White Christmas Trees

Having a white Christmas tree adorn your house offers many new options for decoration than the traditional green tree. For a more modern look, you can choose to decorate it with deep blues and metallic shades; this color scheme is very calm and relaxing and will make your home feel very welcoming during the holidays. Another popular way to decorate white artificial Christmas trees is to maintain a simple red and white theme. Red ribbons strewn across the tree branches with various sized red ornaments will give white artificial Christmas trees a simple and elegant look. The white Christmas tree offers a neutral background for any color or theme. For a cooking or baking theme, ornaments can be found shaped liked cakes, pies, fruits, vegetables, and cooking utensils. For an animal lover, varieties of animal ornaments such as dogs, cats, birds, and zoo animals can stand out on a plain white Christmas tree. Want to add a small white artificial Christmas tree to the playroom just for the kids?  Decorate the tree with ornaments of their favorite storybook or cartoon characters. Most often these are made of plastic for safety and hung by ribbons in place of hooks. For the sports fanatics out there, white Christmas trees can also be decorated in support of your favorite sports team. The white of the tree offers a neutral background where almost any color scheme can be used. Whether you’re a Pittsburg Steelers fan, a Cincinnati Bengals fan, or a New Orleans Saints fan, you can decorate your tree in your favorite sports team’s colors.