Hallmark Christmas Ornaments

The Hallmark Company has been a part of our lives for well over 85 years. In 1973-74 Hallmark produced their first figurines and ornaments within the Christmas era and these have continued to be some of the largest collectibles today. These unique and collectible figurines from Hallmark come in an assortment of themes and designs. There is a little bit of everything for everyone's taste. If you are a Snoopy fan Hallmark has many classic Peanuts figurines and Hallmark Christmas ornaments available for you, such as the "Sweet Little One", "Cyber Chuck", "Lighted Great Pumpkin", "Lucy", "Flying Ace", " Ms. Van Pelt" and " King of the Sandbox". Other cute and delightful holiday collectible figurines include "2007 Ringing in Christmas", "A Time to Skate", "Cauldron Trouble", "Tweety-Christmas List", "2007 Chocolate Moose", "Looney Tunes-Deck the Yard", Dashing Through the Mall", "Santa's Sweet Ride 2007", "Snow Buddies" and "Sledding into Christmas".



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Now Christmas ornament collectors can download Christmas software specifically created for Hallmark ornament collectors. With this collection software, collectors can catalog which Christmas ornaments they have, where they are stored and what are they worth.


A Christmas tree good enough to eat may be made by trimming it with oranges, bananas, lemons, grapes, apples, raisens and nuts. Little figures made of raisins and prunes can be wired then also hung upon the branches. A red and white Christmas Tree may be made by tying all the packages in white tissue paper with red ribbon, or red tissue paper with white ribbon. Use white and red candles. Take single grains of popcorn, run a pin through and stick on the branches of the tree. Fill small white tarlatan stockings, buttonholed with red worsted, with popcorn. Decorate old-fashioned Christmas trees with red and white peppermint candy canes and red and white paper flowers, and drape the walls at the back of the tree with red cheesecloth. Search through your holiday boxes to find all red Hallmark Christmas ornaments.


Hallmark Ornaments

The best place to find these collectible vintage Hallmark Christmas ornaments and figurines is the internet; there are many different shops that carry these at fair and reasonable prices. You could even be lucky enough to find some of these vintage treasures within your own neighborhood at flea markets or yard sales at a price as low as 1-2 dollars. For the best collectible results always keep your figurines and their boxes in pristine (Mint) condition. This will bring a better price if you ever decide to sell your collection in the future. Highly sought after Hallmark figurine sets include the series of Nostalgic Houses, Star Trek, Rocking Horses, and the series by Betsy Clark. Betsy Clark series was the first within the series Hallmark made of Christmas figurines and ornaments in the year of 1973. These were glass white balls which included a young girl giving food to deer and a little lamb being hugged by another young girl.



Popular collectible Hallmark Christmas ornaments and figurines by Hallmark include "70th Anniversary Snow White-Wishes Really Do Come True", "Wizard of Oz-Wicked Witch of the West", "Barbie Series", "The Amazing Spiderman", "30th Anniversary -The Adventure Begins-Star Wars New Hope", "Peanuts-The Sunday Funnies", "Sleeping Beauty-Disney", "2007-Puppy Love", "Clark Kent/Superman-Quick Change Artist", "Gone With the Wind Series", "Fairy Messengers Series", "Wizard of Oz-Dorothy Gale", "Lionel Train Series", "Doorways of the World Series" and "Mickey and Minnie Mouse Series". Figurine collecting is a fun hobby that you can pass on from generation to generation. You, your children, and your children's children can fall in love with these unique Hallmark Christmas ornaments and enjoy them year after year as you do now.

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