Christmas Decorations  

Decorate your Christmas tree the old-fashioned way. Pictures and instructions. You can make old-fashioned ornaments and garland. Don't forget to take the time to stroll down Main Street to see the Christmas decorations for inspiration to create the magic of a traditional Christmas.



victorian santa

Old-Fashioned Christmas Trees
How to decorate your Victorian Christmas tree. Featuring a variety of holiday themes including red & white trees and trees with icicles.

Decorating the Christmas Tree
Create the magic of a Victorian Christmas tree. The trees, brought from the mountain and hillsides, were of all sizes, from two feet high to a majestic height that could graze the lofty ceilings in homes of the wealthy.

Evergreen Portiere
Stars, wreaths, and ropes of evergreen adorn the interior of homes each holiday season. Find charming evergreen portieres that adds holiday cheer to any size room.


Holiday Window Displays
The beginning of an annual tradition began in the 1870s at Macy's.

Craft: Holiday Santa Craft
Follow the directions from an 1867 Harpers Bazaar to make a truly Victorian Santa Claus.

Craft: Tree Decorations  
Directions from a Victorian magazine to make 8 authentic Victorian Christmas ornaments.


Christmas mistletoeVictorian Heirloom Ornaments
The story of a company dedicated to recreating the wonder of a Victorian Christmas.

Holiday Window Decor
This design is from an 1890s issue of Arthur's Home Magazine.

Feather Christmas Tree
The first artificial Christmas trees were small tabletop trees made of goose feathers.


Christmas Tree Candleholders
Christmas trees were lit with burning wax candles attached to the tree.

History of the Christmas Tree
The history of the Victorian Christmas tree in the 19th century.

Christmas at Windsor Castle
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are closely associated with Christmas traditions at Windsor Castle.

Queen Victoria's Sleigh
The queen often enjoyed sleigh rides around Windsor during the winter months.

Artificial Christmas Trees
Artificial holiday trees come in a variety of shapes and colors since the 1800s.

Christmas Putz
A miniature landscape arranged at the foot of the Christmas tree.

Dresden Star Ornaments
One-of-a-kind, handmade Christmas ornaments.

Kewpie Santa
Vintage advertisement for Christmas Kewpie designs.

Royal Christmas Tree
Queen Victoria and her family gathered around the Christmas tree at Windsor Castle in 1848.