Decorating with Evergreens: Christmas Garland Portiere

Stars, wreaths, and ropes of evergreen and holly adorn the interior of many homes each holiday season. There is no necessity for festooning a room with garland and wreaths in the same way year after year. A unique Christmas decorating project is composed simply of ropes of evergreen fastened to a curtain pole (spring tension rods work well), hung in an interior doorway or large window. To re-create this Victorian evergreen portiere, just loop one end of an evergreen rope over the pole, bringing it down and fastening it securely to the top with green floral wire. Each piece is fastened on separately and hangs loosely down. Trimmings of red berries or bows can be attached to the draped evergreens with floral wire as a delightful embellishment.

Decorating with Evergreens