Holiday Drinks



Wondering how to celebrate the holidays or ring out the old and ring in the New Year? Plan your parties with friends or family, featuring lots of good food and drink; there are lots of Christmas dinner menus, dessert ideas, including plum pudding. As for the holiday spirits, besides such traditional mixtures as martinis and bloody Mary’s, try some new twists in holiday drink recipes or holiday punch recipes. For those guests who don't drink, mix a batch of eggnog, sans the rum or brandy, and another batch for those who do. This will start your holiday parties off with a bang.



Top Favorite Holiday Drinks

In order to produce the most satisfactory results, the best ingredients, especially the brand of alcohol, should be used in every instance. If this is done, you will have delicious concoctions from holiday drink recipes herein contained. Some simple and apparently insignificant details should be followed to showcase your presentation of holiday drinks. First, always have glass and silverware polished. See that your holiday serving trays are clean. When dry cocktails are served, don’t include a cherry or olive unless requested. In squeezing lemons for a holiday punch recipes, strain through fine cheesecloth, so that concoction will not appear cloudy. In mixtures where ice is used in each individual serving glass, care should be exercised to have it clean and clear; also do not fill the glass so it will overflow. In drinks where limes or lemons are used, caution should be exercised to avoid having seeds in the serving glass.


Holiday Drink Recipes

This year, vodka has become one of the top favorites among alcoholic holiday drink recipes and it is so popular that it is a "must" on your bar. Wine is becoming more and more popular for holiday entertaining and there are many recipes available for wine ... For your drinking guests who wish to stick with their favorites such as Scotch and bourbon, let them try coolers or fizzes with plenty of cracked ice and a lot of mix. The flavor of each ingredient should stand out prominently and play with as much vigor as possible the part assigned to it. It is almost superfluous to say that all mixed drinks, whether hot or cold, should be served as soon as possible after mixing, for it is necessary that the constituents should not be allowed to blend.


Mix holiday punch recipes made with all the popular basic liquors: Bourbon, Scotch, gin, vodka, rum, or Southern Comfort. Since time immemorial, men have sought to lend an added relish to food through seasoning, that is, through the addition of flavorings of a spicy, aromatic, or piquant, nature. It was natural, therefore, that the same methods should have been applied in the matter of beverages, as is witnessed by the highly-flavored punches and other brews of our forefathers. A distinction should be drawn between those mixed drinks which are devised purely as thirst quenchers and which should be classified under the heading of beverages, and those which are commonly known as appetizers. Mixed drinks as thirst-quenchers include such drinks as the various toddies, rickeys, punches, cobblers, juleps, and even delicious holiday eggnog. The class of mixed drinks just as popular as the thirst-quenchers is popularly known under the name of appetizers, in which are comprised all of the cocktails and other mixed drinks that are designed particularly to increase the desire for food.


How to Make Eggnog

There is no more heart-warming sight at Christmas than an overflowing bowl of frothy eggnog, whether from non-alcoholic eggnog recipes or one of many alcoholic eggnog recipes spiked with your favorite rum or brandy. Learn how to make eggnog from the old-fashioned eggnog recipes including a perfect Whiskey and Rum Eggnog, a Fun Bacardi Rum Eggnog, or even an Old Virginia Eggnog. But remember that for hundreds of years authentic eggnog has always required rum or brandy.