Christmas Snowball Dinner for Children

Christmas Table Decorations
Have a fun children's Christmas dinner with whimsical table decorations and gifts. These Christmas table decorations include a snowball globe filled with gifts hidden from the children. Flickering candles tied with red ribbons lead the child to his own special gift.
Christmas Table Decorations



Snowball Dinner Directions

glass globe Cover a hollow glass globe with cotton batting, set it in a holly wreath.
christmas gift Place inside a pretty gift for each child, attached to scarlet and white satin ribbon.
mistletoe Fill the opening with holly or mistletoe.
star candle holders

Each gilt star has a scarlet candy rose with wax candles at each plate. Light them on the distribution of gifts, each child drawing by his own ribbon.

hopday dishes The dinner will be much better appreciated by the children if children's holiday dishes are used.
FROM: "the Delineator" December 1901.