Christmas Gifts - Unique Christmas Gift Ideas


Need help with your Christmas shopping? Enjoy the festive season with minimal effort and trouble usually associated with the holiday shopping season. If you consider a variety of holiday crafts, you will not have to await your turn to be waited upon in crowded stores—you will not have to make your selections from a perplexing assortment of good, bad and indifferent offerings. Bring back some old-fashioned holiday gift giving spirit and choose from an assortment of Christmas gift basket ideas for friends and family. You can also create your own lavish Christmas hamper.



Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Its easy to craft a Christmas hamper overflowing with holiday treats and cakes, then packaged with all the colorful trimmings of the season. Shop online for wine and cheese gift baskets and make your selections in the quiet of your own home. Fruit gift baskets are especially appreciated by family, friends and business clients.

Over-the-Top Christmas Hampers Goumet Christmas Gift Baskets
How to Make a Christmas Hamper Great Fruit Gift Baskets

The best holiday catalogs and online stores offer shopping convenience and distinctive gift ideas that you may not find in stores. When something entirely new and novel for a Christmas gift is desired, the old British custom of sending on Christmas morning a seasonable remembrance in the form of a dainty gift basket or hamper, neatly packed with an array of holiday goodies is a time-tested favorite.


Luxury Gift Hampers

Festive foods make welcome Christmas gifts especially a gourmet gift basket filled with holiday delicacies to cheer and enrich the Christmas table. A Christmas hamper can feature gourmet foods and coffee, baked goods such as cookies or cakes, or meat and cheeses. For the contents of your Christmas hamper, begin with some of the best holiday recipes. Fruit cake—crammed full of fruits and nuts—rich and delicious, is a favored gift. Then add holiday cake and cookies; Scotch short bread, nut bars, candies, dates, jams and jellies. An over-the-top luxury hamper can be packed with gourmet foods, fine wines, candies, and unique gift items—don’t forget to include the traditional Christmas Cracker.


Jewelry as Gifts

Cameos, bracelets, necklaces, rings made of precious metals and set with gems. Beautiful gifts for a Victorian or Edwardian jewelry collector. Heart shaped jewelry - a symbol of love during the Victorian era would make a treasured gift. Circle brooches and pendants with lacy filigree designs set with precious stones were very fashionable during the Edwardian era. An antique cameo collection presents beautiful images of Victorian and Edwardian cameos, a perfect gift for a collector. A mid-19th century antique jewelry box or casket with 89 hand painted enameled panels. Information and instructions for this lost art of making hair jewelry, a gift treasured for centuries.


Luxury Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique gifts for men, take a lesson from the past and choose elegant desk accessories such as a paperweight, inkstand, silver or crystal decanter, and leather desk sets. Civil War era gift for a reenactor or history buff would be a tobacco pouch from an 1858 pattern. Consider an antique or vintage gift for that special someone. For decorating there are 18th and 19th century samplers and needlework, vintage bed and table linens, antique furniture and silver, or antique prints. Collectible china and glass is a fun gift for a collector on your list. If there is one thing inseparable from a traditional Christmas, it is — the Christmas cracker. Nowadays, with the hurry-scurry and bustle of the modern day holiday, it is refreshing to find that the cracker is still with us. For those of you wanting to make your own crackers, here are instructions.


Victorian Gifts

Pin CushionLooking for the perfect Christmas gift – make something special and unique this season. In the past, a homemade gift was greatly appreciated. Bring back a time-honored traditon by giving authentic Victorian holiday crafts to friends and family on your list. Other gifts to make include a Christmas purse from a pattern for a Civil War era purse. Perfect Christmas gift for reenactor or collector. Also consider this Civil War Era pin cushion. A holly sachet with holiday holly – a perfect inexpensive homemade gift for friends or co-workers. Directions for a berlinwool and beads needlework purse for the Victorian enthusiast, or an 1860s needlework pattern for a fancy Christmas slipper. For fun, check out Christmas gift ideas for servants.