Old-Fashioned Christmas for Ideas for Kids

Old-Fashioned Christmas for Kids

Create the magic of a Victorian Christmas tree with your children. What could be better for a true Victorian Christmas than a real Victorian Santa? Make an authentic 19th century holiday Santa with a fabulous Victorian Santa craft plus many ornament crafts.


Kids Old-Fashioned Christmas Fun

Victorian Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas Tree
Create the magic of a Victorian Christmas tree with your children.

Kids Craft: Christmas Ornament
Download a free 1800s design for your own ornament.

Christmas Tree
Decorate your Christmas Tree in a truly  Victorian fashion, featuring a variety of holiday themes.


Kids Crafts

Christmas Tree Decorations 
Directions from a Victorian magazine to make 8 authentic Victorian Christmas ornaments.

Craft: Victorian Toy Theater
Toy theaters with plans and directions for your own project.

Cut-Out Activity
Colorful lithograph to print a fun holiday activity.

Kids Crafts

Holiday Santa

Kids Crafts

Kids Crafts: Holiday Santa
Follow these 1860s directions to make a truly Victorian Santa Claus.

Kids Crafts: Victorian Santa
Famous Thomas Nast Santa. Print a copy for a fun holiday activity.


Family Fun

Holiday Window Displays
The beginning of an annual tradition begins in the 1870s at Macy's.

Christmas With Dickens
Charles Dickens daughters tells of spending Christmas and New Years with her father.

Victorian Christmas Song
1881 version of Silent Night. 

Holiday Window Displays


Kids Christmas Party

Create a Victorian holiday table especially for children:

Christmas Breakfast for Children

Christmas Goose

Christmas Snowball Dinner




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