Christmas Party Ideas - Christmas Luncheon Table Decorations

Christmas Table Decorations
Enjoy your Christmas Day celebrations with a fun Christmas luncheon. These Christmas table decorations include a mirrored skating pond as the centerpiece to this traditional Christmas Luncheon.



Christmas Table Decorations

    For a Christmas Luncheon, arrange a circular mirror in the center of a round table as an imitation frozen pond.

    On top, arrange dolls, statues, or figurines in outing costumes.

    Skating costumes would be especially appropriate, and they may be made of ice-green cloth studded with crystal nail heads and trimmed with swans-down.

    If the Christmas Luncheon table is polished, lace doilies may be used at each place setting.

    Miniature Christmas trees may be placed around the pond, and holly may add further decoration on the Christmas Luncheon table.

    Each guest of the Christmas Luncheon has a bouillon cup placed at their place setting before their arrival to the festivities.

FROM: "The Delineator" December 1901.