Christmas Eve Dinners: Victorian Christmas Eve Dinner Menu

Christmas Eve Dinner


Begin your Christmas celebrations with a traditional Victorian Christmas Eve dinner with an authentic menu and table decorations.

Caviar Sandwiches

Devilled Oysters

Creamed Sweetbreads

Cold Boned Turkey

Lettuce Salad

Cheese and Coffee

A Claret Punch made of claret, sherry, dices of cucumber, mint, lemon, orange and other fruits, may be served in the glass punch bowl.




Christmas Eve Dinner Table Decorations

Christmas Eve Dinner



    A circular lace tableloth covers the table for elegant Christmas Eve Dinner.

    For a festive traditional Christmas menu have a chafing dish set ready for use.

    A cut-glass punch bowl and ladle.

    A Santa Claus in a sleigh drawn by reindeer.

    Asparagus, maiden hair or other ferns, to represent a forest.

FROM: "The Delineator" December 1901.