Christmas Dinner Table Decorations

Christmas Table Decorations
Begin your Christmas dinner with a whimsical Christmas table decoration display. These Christmas table decorations include a basket overflowing with gifts in the center of the table with a red ribbon attached to each gift and ending in a bow at the designated guest’s plate.
Christmas Table Decorations



    A circular lace tableloth covers the table for these elegant Christmas table decorations.

    A basket containing gifts for each person invited decorates the center of the table.

    A narrow red ribbon ending in a bow reaches from the basket to each plate.

    Place a miniature Santa Claus in the center of the Christmas table decorations.

    Banquet lamps, holly, roses and mistletoe favors will complete a very decorative arrangement for your table.

    Small artificial Christmas trees are also suitable for these Christmas table decorations.

    Fairy lamps harmonizing with the general color scheme might also be used.

FROM: "The Delineator" December 1901.