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Where would you find the most fabulous wedding dresses ever created? Where can you find elegant designer wedding dresses and wedding dress couture for inspiration for you own special day? Where else but in a museum! In the 18th and 19th centuries brides wore many colors on their wedding day. It was not until the 20th century that white became the traditional color of wedding dresses. For centuries a young woman’s wedding dress was a treasured keepsake often packed away in a trunk or chest and preserved within the family for generations. Because these wedding dresses were seldom worn more than once, many of these creations of lace and satin can be found in near perfect condition in the costume collections of  museums.




An 1838 Victorian Wedding Dress can be seen in the the Gallery of Costume. The Victoria and Albert Museum features an exquisite white lace Wedding Gown from 1865 and a beautiful silk-satin, trimmed with Honiton appliqué lace Wedding Dress from the same year. The Musee McCord highlights an ivory satin Wedding Dress from 1866. The Victoria and Albert Museum has a silk satin, embroidered net and artificial pearls ensemble from 1885. Two early 20th century wedding dresses are shown at the the Corinium Museum. Four beautiful wedding dresses from the mid-to late 20th century are also featured online at the Victoria and Albert Museum website: 1951, 1963, 1970, 1987.


WEDDING GOWNS IN FILM are featured at Biltmore with costumes from more than 40 feature films including Jane Austen romance favorites.

WEDDING DRESS STYLES View this 100 year timeline of beautiful brides in the latest wedding dress styles of the era.
WEDDING DRESS COUTURE: Gorgeous wedding dress couture highlight strapless gowns.
DESIGNER WEDDING DRESSES Dresses from Harper's Bazaar.
CIVIL WAR ERA DRESSES Period magazine advises that that when one is considering a wedding dress, it will be seen that no person is confined to any single style or material.
RING BEARER OUTFITS No wedding is complete without small boys dressed as pages or ring bearers.
EDWARDIAN WEDDING DRESS Charming Edwardian bridal gown features embroidered lace with a floral pattern. The wedding dress features a long train and tiered sleeves.
VINTAGE WEDDING DRESSES:  Experience the romance of a vintage wedding. Explore photographs and pictures of vintage wedding dresses to design your own vintage style wedding.
FLOWER GIRL DRESSES: Flower girl dresses are typically miniatures of the bridesmaids’ costumes.


VINTAGE FLOWER GIRL DRESSES  Featured are adorable examples of vintage flower girl dresses from a 1912 French fashion magazine for inspiration for a vintage wedding theme.
WEDDING DRESS–1840 Elegant gown is draped in marabou feather trimmings that transport the dress into a magical fairy tale scenario.
WEDDING DRESS–1870s Both the bodice and skirt of the circa 1875-80 bridal gown are elegantly trimmed with lace frills and ruffles.
WEDDING DRESS–1881 The bride appears in an elegant wedding toilette of white satin.
1820s WEDDING GOWN The head-dress features a garland of orange flowers and a Brussels lace veil.
TWO CENTURIES OF WEDDING GOWNS View the outstanding wedding gowns by designers such as Charles Frederick Worth, Jeanne Lanvin, Christian Dior, Bob Mackie, Vera Wang.
HISTORIC ROYAL WEDDING DRESSES A precious collection of royal wedding dresses worn by royal brides over the last 200 years.
THE ROYAL WEDDING Details on royal wedding dress, flowers, procession route, guest list, and even the wedding cake. Who is the happy Royal Couple … Queen Victoria and Prince Albert!


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