Wedding Dress Styles - Timeline



Fashion Art Prints

View this 100 year timeline of beautiful brides in the latest wedding dress styles of the era. These fashion art prints were published for young women in contemporary magazines. Imagine how many young girls dreamed of and planned their weddings while viewing these beautifully hand-colored fashion art prints. Framed antique prints like these would make a memorable wedding gift.  Visit our Wedding Antiques section to find one for the bride in your family.


Wedding Dress: 1824
1830s Wedding Dress
1832 Wedding Dress
Victorian Wedding Dress: 1850
Victorian Wedding Dress: 1854
Fashion Art Prints
Godey's Fashion Art Prints: 1857
Fashion Art Prints
Godey's Fashion Art Prints: 1860
Godey's Fashion Art Prints: 1861
Harper's Bazaar: 1867
Victorian Wedding Dress: 1870
Petersons Magazine: 1888
Fashion Art Prints
Delineator Fashion Art Prints: 1897
Fashion Art Prints
Harrison Fisher Fashion Art Prints: 1909
French designer wedding dress from 1921
French wedding dress from 1921
Designer wedding dress from 1921

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