Victorian Crafts

Victorian Crafts


Featuring a collection of crafts, scrapbooking, stencils and more including free crafts and free patterns. Make your own old-fashioned ornaments. Print the designs ... gather up your supplies ...Create some Christmas magic! Find a collection of period stencils for wall decorations.Use our alphabet illustrations to create your own children drinking mugs.

Victorian Crafts and Scrapbooking


1) Scrapbooking
The popularity of scrapbooking is not a new phenomenon; “keeping a scrap-book” was a popular 19th century pastime, especially for women and children.

2) A Look at a Victorian Scrapbook
Explore the pages of this rare Victorian child's scrapbook filled with a lively assortment of multi-hued scraps, trade cards, and greeting cards – including series and sets.


Throw Pillows from a Vintage Quilt

Old quilts in rough and worn condition can be recycled into beautifully crafted throw pillows that preserve the labor and effort of the original quilter. Hand-appliquéd vintage quilts overflow with an abundance of colors and patterns so it is easy to integrate a snippet of the past into any décor. For those who know how to make throw pillows, all that is necessary is pinpointing a salvageable section or square and remaking it into a bright and colorful throw pillow.

Glass Bead Pillow

This elegant needlework pattern features a mixture of beads and wool forming a charming design which is relieved by the brilliant background; perfect for making decorative pillows for a period house. Originally planned for a music stool in a music room or large ornamental table mat, it remains suitable for a unique and dazzling decorative pillow.



1) Decorative Stencil Patterns
A collection of period stencils from the 1880s.

2) Stencil Design for Window Curtains
Daffodil stencil patterns for window curtains. Included are patterns for two stencils.


ABC Nursery Mugs
Use these alphabet illustrations to create your own Victorian children's drinking mugs.

Perforated Paper Needlework
Author Diana Matthews writes about 19th c. perforated needlework and includes many color photos of period pieces.

Victorian Knitting
Lacy and lush, with delightful flower patterns and lovely colors – that is what knitting and crochet were all about.


How to Make a Victorian Tea Set
Hand-painting china was an easy and popular pastime for ladies during the Victorian era. An admired project was decorating white china tea and dessert sets with floral motifs. Original Victorian designs and instructions for a teacup, saucer, and dessert plate with a colorful floral pattern and a hummingbird. Create a set for entertaining Victorian style.


Civil War Era Antique Bag
For modern day use, this bag is very easy to be worked up. The embroidery can be eliminated and a useful bag can be made of plain materials, such as denim, wool, canvas, or even leather. So when your food store asks, “Paper or plastic?” go green with a stylish reusable Victorian bag.


Fish-Scale Embroidery
By using a mixture of colored fish-scales, very effective borders and designs could be completed. Fish-scale embroidery was very popular in crafting small articles such as pin cushions and small bags or purses.


Berlin Wool Purse 1865
Victorian Berlin Wool purse with beads and tassels from Godey's Lady's Book, 1865


Valentine Ornaments
One-of-a-kind, handmade, Victorian Valentine ornaments.

Love and Romance
A limited edition 2007 love card, embellished with pure silver glitter, and adorned with an antique image, circa 1850.

How to Make a Heart Pillow
This luxurious pillow is a lovely way to learn to knit lace, including lacy cables.


Queen Victoria’s DogQueen Victoria’s Dog Pattern for Pillow
During her secluded and quiet childhood at Kensington Palace, this black-and-tan spaniel was her constant companion. This berlin pattern can be worked on canvas in the colors shown with the ground filled up with a color to showcase the figures. Start early to create an heirloom holiday gift.


Lavender Basket
Create this charming Victorian craft – a lavender basket from 1860. You will need a small wicker basket, a few yards of narrow pink, blue, or violet ribbon and, of course, some lavender brought in from the garden.

Sewing Baskets / Work Baskets
The Victorian lady was seldom without her work box or sewing basket. They were inexpensive to construct — crafted with leftover circular cheese boxes, cardboard, velvet, silk ribbon, and fringe.


Shopping BagVictorian Shopping Bag
Paper or plastic? How about neither? Go green, Victorian style, with a stylish reusable shopping bag from the 1880s. Ladies Home Journal featured this double shopping bag in 1887. These bags were designed similar to the early 19th century silk miser purse (with the opening in the middle) only much larger and were carried over the arm.


How to Make a 19th Century Purse
During the early 1800s, women carried small bags or purses such as this, called reticules, to hold money and small personal items. Introduced in the late 18th century as a replacement for the pocket, reticules were customarily in the form of a pouch with a drawstring. Instructions are provided for two reticules from the early nineteenth century - add your own trimmings or embroidery to make your own period accessory.

Welcome to a Victorian Christmas... enter here to create the magic!
Welcome to a Victorian Christmas... enter here to create the magic!
Welcome to a Victorian Christmas... enter here to create the magic!

Dresden Star Heirloom Ornaments 
The story of a company dedicated to recreating the wonder of a Victorian Christmas.

Unique Handmade Victorian Greeting Cards
Greeting cards designed by artist Lois Allen Charles.

Victorian Christmas Cards
Make your own Victorian holiday cards with free downloads.

Christmas Tree Decorations:
Directions from a 1901 magazine to make 8 authentic old-fashioned Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Ornament- Free Craft
Download a free 1800s design for your own ornament.

Cut-Out Activity
This colorful lithograph of boys' on a playground - print your own copy for a fun holiday activity. 

Holiday Santa 
Follow the directions from an 1867 Harpers Bazaar to make a truly old-fashioned Santa Claus.


Victorian Hair Work
During the mid-nineteenth century hair work became a popular drawing-room occupation, as fashionable as the much-practiced knitting, netting, and crocheting. 

Autograph Victorian Bed Quilts
Each autograph was written in black ink on a diamond-shaped piece of white silk and placed over a diagram of white paper then basted at the edges. Each piece was the center of a group of colored diamonds, formed in many instances from “storied” fragments of dresses.

Victorian Craft: Tiger Embroidery
The Tiger Berlin pattern was distributed in an 1861 ladies’ magazine. This embroidery pattern is for a piano stool or footstool that can be worked in cloth or velvet, with chenille or wool. As well, the design can be done on canvas, the ground filled up with a color to highlight the figures.

Bed Quilting Pattern
Colorful Victorian pattern for a bed quilt.

Border for Curtain
A fun craft provided in an 1883 lady’s magazine features several bird motifs to be embroidered as a border on window curtains.

Pattern for Smoking Cap 
Needlework pattern for a gentleman's smoking cap.

Victorian Hat, c1890 
Create the perfect hat for your Victorian dress. Provided are directions and images from an 1890 magazine to create a velvet Victorian hat.

Victorian Slipper in Beads & Berlin
A design for a Victorian slipper from 1859. The motif is composed of the wild rose, the heart’s-ease, the lily of the valley, and the forget-me-not. It is worked on a fine canvas, with a mixture of beads and wool.

Peacock Fan
With these simple directions, create an elegant Victorian fan originally featured in an 1883 women’s magazine.






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