Wedding Cake Boxes




How to make wedding favors? Featured are ideas to make your own inexpensive wedding cake boxes and wedding cake gift bags. Wedding cake served in some form is a part of almost every wedding reception. There may be a large cake which is cut by the bride herself, though more often, especially at a large formal reception, the cake is cut before the event, and put in wedding cake boxes so that guests may take home a slice for sentiment's sake.

The cake is cut into small cake slices and packed in dainty white or colored boxes and tied up with satin ribbon. The boxes may have the monogram of the bride and groom printed in gold or silver upon the covers. Cake slice boxes are made in different styles,Wedding Cake Boxes including oblong, square and heart shape, large, medium and small sizes, and covered with plain and fancy papers. Some wedding cake boxes are special ordered and personalized with the couple’s names, wedding date and decorative embossed motifs. Use an online cake designer for your wedding cake, then make your own special cake slice boxes. Featured here are wedding or party favor boxes to make. These cheap wedding favors are perfect for sending your guests home with a slice of cake, mints, chocolates or nuts while reducing wedding expenses at the same time … perfect for a small traditional wedding.


How to Make Wedding Cake Boxes

Wedding Cake Boxes

A more elaborate container is made of white paper, like the diagram, and folded over a square piece of cake.


Wedding Cake Boxes

Boxes of various shapes and styles may be purchased ready for use.

Wedding Cake Boxes

The cake slice boxes may be attractively tied with ribbon.

Wedding Favor Bags

How to Make Wedding Favor Bags

You can purchase plain white wedding favor bags with a waxy coating for carrying edible wedding favors like cake and candy. Or you can make your own favor bags from a fancy dinner napkin or wedding theme napkin. Featured here is the most inexpensive of wedding favor ideas – wrap your cake slice for friends and family in a ribbon tied napkin.