Antiques and Collectibles

Royal Fabergé
Explores how six successive generations of the British Royal Family have shaped the finest collection of Fabergé in the unparalleled in size, range and quality.  

Fabergé Collection
The House of Fabergé created objects that reflected the cosmopolitan world and sophisticated taste of its patrons.



Tiffany Lamps
One of the America’s most celebrated artists and designers, Louis Comfort Tiffany was an established tastemaker in the late 19th century.

Antique Persian Rugs
Spruce up your home with timeless and chic antique rugs with beautifully bold patterns that have acquired a wonderful patina over time.

Victorian Baby Carriages
Victorian wicker baby carriages are favored by  wicker collectors, doll collectors, photographers.

Jane Austen Family Treasures
The family’s Wedgwood dinner set, which Jane Austen helped to choose, and would herself have used on countless occasions.

Vintage Sleds
Early 20th century sleds.

ABC Nursery Dishes
Children's antique dishes with molded borders and printed nursery scenes.

Antique Tiffany Tea Service
Tiffany five-piece antique tea service.

Silver Serving Pieces
Compare your collection of silver serving pieces with these images.



Antique Heart-Shaped Jewelry
Heart shaped jewelry was a popular motif and symbol of love during the Victorian era. 

Art Nouveau Silver Repousse Smalls
A collection of sterling silver pieces.

Cameos Through Time
The history of cameos.

Antique Jewelry Box
Mid-19th century antique Italian ebonized jewelry casket with 89 hand painted enameled panels.

A Victorian and Edwardian Cameo Collection
Beautiful images of Victorian and Edwardian cameos.

Sampler Collection, embroidered by one child
A collection of eight 19th C. samplers.

Southern Decorative Needlework
History of decorative needlework in the American South.

Antique Sewing Baskets / Work Baskets
The Victorian lady was seldom without her work box or sewing basket. They were inexpensive to construct — crafted with leftover circular cheese boxes, cardboard, velvet, silk ribbon, and fringe.

'SLIPS': 16th/ 17th Century Embroidery
Article on collecting rare early English embroidery.

Collecting 19th C. Chinese Sleeveband
Article on collecting Chinese textiles.

Antique Decorative Carpets & Area Rugs
The history of area rugs and carpets.

Antique Bronze Aquarium:
Antique Austrian bronze aquarium, designed to be a centerpiece for a formal antique dining table.

Furniture Glossary
Glossary of antique furniture styles.

Regency Furniture & Draperies, 1809-1812
Hand colored prints of Regency era furniture.

E. Howard Clock Company 
Images from a company catalog.

French Cazal Parasol, c1850
Rare look at a French parasol.

Royal Robes of  Queen Alexandra
Auction catalog of Prince Edward and 
Queen Alexandra's possessions.

Shoes Belonging to Queen Alexandra
Photo of shoes that were part of Queen Alexandra's trousseau.

Antique Fashion Prints
Fashion prints offer a colorful and in-depth view
of the stylish fashions of the past.

Vintage Posters 
1895 article on antique and vintage French Posters by Arsene Alexandre illustrated by reproductions of posters by Steinlen, Bonnard, De Feure, Grasset, Forain, Willette and Cheret.

Sunday and Sunday Fine Antique Jewelry
Specializes in antique jewelry and vintage watches.

Stuart Holman Antique Auction
 Auctioneer, Appraiser, Estate Specialist