Vintage Prints and Vintage Advertising

Vintage prints, including vintage advertising, typically includes ephemera such as calendars, postcards, trade cards, almanacs, leaflets and flyers. During the 1800s broadsides were commonly used for outdoor advertisements and were printed for placement on walls, sides of buildings, and fences. This wide range of collectible items was originally designed to be short-lived and cover all aspects of everyday papers from bookmarks to birth certificates and marriage licenses. Disposable paper items such as trade cards, die-cuts and greeting cards were collected by both children and adults and pasted into Victorian scrapbooks. These decorative albums were composed of "scraps," collectible cards, trade cards, vintage advertising and vintage prints which were sometimes arranged quite artistically on a page.


Vintage Prints

This series of vintage golf prints are by famed American illustrator, Arthur Burdett Frost (A.B. Frost). Frost created thousands of illustrations, including golf cartoons, for Harper's Weekly, Scribner's and Life magazines during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He completed hundreds of watercolors and oils and is probably best known for his hunting, shooting and golf prints that capture the drama of sport in realistically detailed settings.

Currier & Ives, a firm of American lithographers, was prominently active during the 19th century. These lithographs were followed by the series, now known as Currier & Ives prints, devoted to contemporary subjects that ranged from the familiar to the sensational: scenes of social and domestic life, public disasters, and raids by Native Americans. Today original Currier & Ives prints, some hand-colored, are valuable collectors' items.


Harrison Fisher Prints  
Prints by Harrison Fisher, a great American illustrator, famous for his "Fisher Girl" and, more specifically, his "American Girl."

Antique French Posters  
An 1895 article on antique and vintage French Posters by Arsene Alexandre.

Golf Sports Prints - 1895  
Antique golf prints by A.B. Frost. Golf pictures of golf courses and golfing scenes from the late nineteenth century.

Golf Cartoons  
A series of golf cartoons by sports illustrator, A.B. Frost from 1895.


Vintage Posters

Vintage book covers are a collectible item. In the 19th century there came to be publishers who said to themselves that a book might be so made as to be its own advertiser. If a book cover sported the most brilliant colors it could draw attention from the window of the bookshop and throw dust in the eyes of the credulous passerby. They began to enclose back and front between two designs, harmonious where it was possible, violently contrasted where harmony was not sufficient; the book became its own advertisement. The literary work was inside, and the vintage book covers wrapped it as the silver coating. Another vintage prints type collectible are vintage posters designed for exhibitions, and especially for art exhibitions, general and individual.


Vintage Advertising

Another sort of vintage printed material which most people would not think of collecting or preserving is that which may be classed as ephemera. The collecting of ephemera has come into its own with a widespread growth of interest. This includes such things as handbills, posters, Victorian Greeting Cards and many types of vintage advertising. While this material may seem commonplace today, much of it will inevitably disappear and what remains will then be as unique and interesting as are similar items of the Civil War period today.

A representative vintage collection of 20th century miscellany of this sort can readily be picked up and should be preserved not only for the benefit of the collector, but many of these are worthy of permanent preservation. With this group might be included photographs. Pictures of people engaged in war activities and of scenes connected in some way with the war have both a present and a future interest. Today there are specialized shows for sellers and collectors of these vintage printed items: trade cards, vintage advertising, greeting cards, Victorian calling cards, labels, tickets, handbills, sale notices, and Valentines.


Corset Advertisements from 1900-1914
See pictures of Victorian and vintage corsets.

Silver-plate Ads
Compare your collection of silver-plate serving pieces with these advertising images.


Vintage Fashion Prints

Fashion prints offer a colorful and in-depth view of the stylish fashions of the past. Their vivid color schemes, exquisite fabrics and decorative trims make a delightful collectible to display. Fashion prints reached their height of popularity in the mid-1800s. By the end of the 19th century, one could find up to 100 hand-tinted plates in a single year of a magazine. Collectors can find color vintage prints in many places. Antique dealers and art galleries will charge top prices. Secondhand shops, charity outlets and small antique shops sometimes have framed prints hanging on the walls above furniture, often with lower prices. Now with the popularity of the internet, many web sites such as eBay, provide a vast variety of vintage prints and fashion plates.


Antique Fashion Prints  
The history of antique fashion prints showing clothing from the 18th century and Victorian clothing from the 19th century

Fashion Print Timeline 
See hand colored antique Victorian fashion prints of Victorian dresses from 1850 to 1865.

Gazette du Bon Ton at the Races
The French magazine Gazette du Bon Ton shows the latest haute couture for the races by Worth and Redfern. 

Men's Clothing- 1840s  
Discover prints of men's clothing during the early Victorian era.

Wedding Timeline
Vintage prints of wedding dresses.


Victorian Greeting Cards

Collection of Colorful Victorian Greeting Cards
Several 19th century greeting cards, including Raphael Tuck.

Unique Handmade Victorian Greeting Cards
Greeting cards designed by artist Lois Allen Charles.

19th Century Christmas Card Publishers

The First Christmas Card

Victorian Christmas Cards

Victorian Valentines:  3-Dimensional Cards
History of Victorian Valentines

Calling Card Etiquette  
Learn the proper etiquette for using calling cards in the Victorian era.


“Love” Ephemera

The author of the article, Collecting Victorian Expressions of Love, declares, “Sometimes I am sure that the term, incurable collector, was created just for me!” Nancy Rosin tells of her collection of Victorian “love” ephemera. Expressions of love from the 1800s clearly demonstrate that Victorians were often exceptionally sentimental and romantic – and, that they were fond of showing it in numerous special ways. Explore this collection of vintage prints, greeting cards and other memorabilia.


The Valentine - A Tribute to Love
Nancy Rosin explores the history of the Valentine.

Victorian Treasury
The history of valentines, research, articles, posters and handmade reproduction cards.

Love and Romance
A limited edition 2007 love card, embellished with pure silver glitter, and adorned with an antique image, circa 1850.