Death is Big Busines at Tear Drop Memories

Victorian Mourning
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Way beyond Halloween or purple haired Goth teens, though both demographics are appreciated, TearDrop Memories has transformed this specialty niche market into one of the most unusual antique shops out there. An interesting business model for dead sure, thinking out of the box (or coffin) for this retailer has Big Museums, Hollywood, Madison Ave. and high end specialty collectors buzzing.


Victorian Mourning

TearDrop Memories NorthFork Pet Antiques success is newsworthy, especially so in a time of depressed costumer spending and a general lessening of interest in traditional brick and mortar store antiques.


Victorian Mourning

We're Not Your Mother's Antique Shop! . . . A phrase often heard in a place where old is really fun. Why does TearDrop Memories NorthFork Pet Antiques stand apart from the other fine Galleries and Antique shops in New Hope, Pa.? Could it be the antique Civil War era wooden coffin in the front window? Or perhaps the dozens of graceful antique bird cages displayed, some dating to the Renaissance. A shop of contrasts, TearDrop Memories has Victorian Mourning jewelry and Georgian human hair wreaths as well as 19th century medical Veterinary tools and rare pet books. Yet many say what really sets them apart are the enthusiastic free tours they give, often in real Victorian costume to the many friends who visit. Truly a warm mix of theater, history and retail at TearDrop Memories. Never a reproduction, made in China or barcode label found here!

[Image: Post-Mortem Ambrotype Photo, c.1850]



Victorian MourningWith treasures placed in the Smithsonian, Getty and Betsy Ross House Museums as well as being featured in Prop work at Saks 5th Av, I.B.M. Bill Blass, Victoria’s Secret and Vogue. Their customers are a diverse group, from installation artist Hernan Bas and Bucks County Painter Larry Chestnut to The Hartz Mountain Group inc and The Kingdom Of Morocco, plus a rare Victorian bird cages in Salma Hayek's film; Cirque du Freak. The North Fork Pets division has incredible pet antiques.

[Image: Victorian Mourning Jewelry, Lovingly styled human hair Memento Mori Remembrance Mourning Brooch]


Victorian Mourning

Pre Civil War Hair Work Memorial. Exceptional antique human hair mourning remembrance.


Kind words mentioned by the New York Times, Antique Week, Baltimore Sun, Philadelphia Inquirer, The American Cancer Society, Country Sampler Magazine, Thrift Shop Romantic, Courier Times Intelligencer, Bird Talk, Epitaphs and Obit magazines, Technorati Blog, Independent Traveler, N.Y. State Dept. Of Environmental Conservation, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Weird New Jersey, Newsday, Auctionbytes, Wireless Flash News, AntiqueOnLine, Apartment Therapy and Boing Boing are free flowing. TearDrop Memories Victorian Circus freak photos are the subject of a Garden Bay Films documentary filming and its Todd’s Show series.

Victorian Mourning

Rare Medical and Autopsy Death Photos


Victorian Mourning

TearDrop Memories NorthFork Pet Antiques takes great pride in its major Victorian original antique photograph selection. Almost 14,000 and growing! Thousands of Post Mortem death photos, stacks of Victorian pet pictures and lots of 19th century circus freaks!

Owner T.D.M. enjoys his avocation as a professional speaker on antiques and Victorian mourning. He lectures exclusively through We Speak Antiques one of five web sites dedicated to a better understanding of our tangible past. This enthusiasm translates well at his New Hope, PA. shop.

[Image: Queen Victoria Mourning Pin]

Victorian Mourning

Celebrating their 4th Anniversary in New Hope, they started over a dozen years ago on the east end of Long Island, New York. They have grown to include the Mechanic Street shop and five large web sites. Often open late, it is common to see them here past mid-night on summer weekends. A leading New Hope destination for Date Night, couples revel in the Grave Yard humor spoken here. Active in the Greater New Hope Chamber Of Commerce, Teardrop Memories sponsors the annual New Hope High Heel Drag Race, high heeled drag racers carrying TearDrop Memories antique bird cages for fun, fame and fortune!

[Image: Memento Mori Ring Garnets, Gold and Human Hair]

Teardrop Memories
12 West Mechanic St. 2B
New Hope, PA. 18938