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Antique Toys: A Child's View
Antique toy exhibition explores the adult world through the eyes of a child.

Shopping for Toys
Explore the toys listed in an antique toys catalog.

Antique Dollhouse   
For hundreds of years, children have played with miniature replicas of a standard house; see images of real doll's houses from the past.


Child's Antique Tool Chest, 1860s  
A "Geo. Parr's Juvenile Tool Chest," a popular toy for boys in the mid-nineteenth century. 

Wonderful Toy Shop  
Look through the pages of a antique children's book from the 1850s showing hand-colored engravings of popular toys in a toy shop. 

Antique Toys: Rolling Hoop  
Trundling a hoop has been a favorite outdoor activity for children for centuries.

Antique Toys: Cup & Ball  
One of the earliest and favorite games played by children is the cup and ball toy.

Holiday Toys 
In 1868, Harper's Bazar writes about the many new toys popular for children for Christmas that year.

Antique Toys: Teddy Bear
A look at the past 100 years of teddy bear marketing in America.

Teddy Bear Spoon 
A sterling silver teddy bear spoon.

Outdoor Playhouses  
Outdoor playhouses made for children in the 19th and early 20th century.

Victorian Outdoor Playhouse 
Shown is an 1893 outdoor playhouse and playhouse plan.

Gingerbread Playhouse, 1890  
Photos and architectural drawings for an 1890s child's Victorian playhouse found at a house on "Millionaire's Row" in Tennessee.

Playhouse from Godey's 1859  
A gift of an outdoor playhouse is suggested by Godey's Lady's Book in 1859 as the ideal Christmas present. 

Teddy Bear Tea Party 
Included are photos of an assortment of 1907 teddy bears.

How to Make a Victorian Toy Theater
Toy theaters with plans and directions for your own project.

Paper Costumes for Children
Colorful projects from a vintage 1920s booklet.

Christmas Toys        
What toys did the Victorian child find under the tree?

Antique Dolls from Harper's Bazaar  
Description of the popular dolls for the holiday season in 1881.