Victorian Wedding Dress, 1881



Victorian Wedding Dress

Showcased is an enchanting Victorian wedding dress from 1881. The bride appears in an elegant wedding toilette of white satin. The fronts are made with a pointed waist, and are trimmed with folds from the shoulder to the point. The back of the gown forms a flowing princess train which can be designed either square or round. The front of the skirt is laid in undefined folds, and is trimmed in a square form by a wreath of orange flowers; at each side of the square is placed a fan-shaped plisse. The wedding gown skirt is edged by flounces with a gathered heading. Quantities required: 20 yards of satin, 4 yards of lace, 4 yards of orange blossom wreath, 3 bouquets, and 18 satin buttons.


Illustrated on the left is a charming bridesmaid's costume of claret colored satin ornately trimmed with rich passementerie. The stylish jacket forms a point in front with a coat skirt behind. The tablier is elegantly pleated and falls in pouffs behind. The skirt consists of gathered pleatings and bouillonnes. A very becoming sailor's collar completes this elegant toilette. It takes 20 yards of satin, 7 1/2yards of passementerie, 6 buttons, and 1 yard of cord for lacing.

For after the ceremony, the figure on the right is dressed in the bride's travelling costume. It is of brown cashmere, trimmed with peluche. The body is trimmed with a collar, revers, and band of peluche. The back terminates in a handsome bow. The underskirt is of peluche with draperies of cashmere and ornaments of passementeri. The underskirt is edged by 3 plisse flounces. The travelling costume will take 10 yards of cashmere, 3 yards of peluche, 2 trimmings of passementeri with gold togs for the sleeves, 2 yards of passementeri for the skirt, and 12 buttons.

Victorian Wedding Dress

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