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Experience the romance of a vintage wedding. Explore photographs and pictures of vintage wedding dresses to design your own vintage style wedding. Victoriana Magazine features all the resources needed for wedding planning. See vintage wedding dresses and a gallery of 1920s wedding photography. Discover traditional wedding customs and find ideas for wedding rings, wedding photography and wedding favors. Everything needed for a romantic vintage wedding theme!


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For a traditional wedding reception, an elaborate wedding cake will hold the place of honor in the center of large, beautifully decorated table. At a vintage event, the wedding cake will be cut and served to guests by waiters or, less formally, by friends of the bride's mother. If the cake is not to be served at the reception, the bride provides wedding cake slices enclosed in fancy wedding cake boxes for each guest on their departure. Find instructions to make your own vintage wedding cake boxes and wedding favors. Vintage cake toppers are a fun addition to your wedding cake design. See original vintage wedding photographs of brides and grooms dressed in their finest. This will become a valuable resource for planning a vintage style wedding. Design your vintage wedding dress with inspiration from period wedding photography featuring elegant vintage wedding dresses.





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A pretty vintage wedding custom is that of grouping the bridesmaids in a semi-circle just beyond that point where the newly wedded couple stand to receive good wishes and congratulations. Every bridesmaid holds her bouquet in her gloved hands, and aids in forming a sort of glittering train to the important stars of the occasion, while she smiles and bows to those whom she knows in the line of guests moving forward to do homage to the bride and groom. After a half hour this grouping breaks up and the maid of honor and the other bridesmaids are at liberty to move about seeking their friends. At a ceremonious breakfast, luncheon, or supper, the bridesmaids are expected to enter the reception; each attended by one of the ushers, and take their appointed seats at one of the tables especially devoted to the bridal party.