Ideas for Wedding Favors



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Wedding cake boxes, cheap wedding favors, wedding party gifts - how to plan a wedding unlike all others and save money too! Make inexpensive wedding favors to coordinate with your special wedding theme. Featured are directions for inexpensive wedding favors and cheap wedding favors to help with creating that special wedding reception or bridal shower. Plus ideas for setting the wedding table and folding napkins the proper way.


Unique Wedding Favors

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It is easy to make wedding favors and bridal shower favors to have a unique wedding like no other. Cheap wedding favors can help reduce the exorbitant cost of a modern wedding. You can send your wedding guests away with charming, yet inexpensive wedding favors. Highlighted here are ideas and instructions to make unique wedding favors and bridal party favors. Featured are a group of table favors and accessories which may be used for a wedding reception, bridesmaids' luncheon or wedding shower. Find help in your endeavor to make each guest remember your special day with memorable wedding favor ideas.


Wedding Party Gift Ideas

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You spent a lot of thought choosing your maid of honor and best man. You chose friends or family members that were responsible and enthusiastic about helping you with your big day. You spent months working together to plan the perfect wedding. Now it is time to thank them for all their effort. Say thank you to everyone in your wedding party with thoughtful and appreciative wedding party gifts. Do-it-yourself wedding party favors add a personal touch and give your guests something truly original. Just think — dolls and weddings — the two are inseparable as a unique wedding party favors idea. For the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, and the flower girl, give dolls that are dressed in miniature copies of the costumes of the bride, her maid of honor, and the bridesmaids as a truly unique wedding party gift.


Wedding Cake Boxes

Wedding Cake BoxesThe wedding cake is a time-honored and indispensable feature of the properly conducted wedding. This light-hearted decorative treat is not always eaten during the festivities, but instead, carefully packed into decorative wedding cake boxes for the guests to carry away after the festivities. But this special confection, frivolous with icing frills and fancy decorations, rich with traditions—and butter, cannot be wrapped in an ordinary plastic container; but must be secreted away in a decorative box with ribbons and bows, or embossed and monogramed. Wedding cake slices placed in boxes and given to the guests has long been a custom at weddings. It is easy to make your own special wedding cake boxes or decorative wedding cake bags. Featured here are wedding or party favor boxes to make. These cheap wedding favors are perfect for sending your guests home with a slice of cake, mints, chocolates or nuts while reducing wedding expenses at the same time … perfect for a small traditional wedding.


Unique Party Favors

Party favors are important to the success of any wedding, party, or shower. Many events and weddings which would otherwise have gone down in the history of society events as dull were redeemed by the uniqueness of its party favors. Harper's Bazaar featured a page of elaborate, luxurious and unique party favors for special events, parties, and weddings. These fabulous favors can be re-created to make your own wedding or special event memorable.


How to Fold Wedding Napkins

wedding cakeThe opulence of the table decorations and the luxury of the menu are enhanced by properly folded wedding napkins. Serviettes folded in alternate patterns down a table appear elegant, such as mitres and shells; and even more so with flowers placed in the shells. To produce an elegant display and succeed in the more elaborate styles of folding, wedding napkins should be very fine, exactly square, not too large, starched, and folded quite damp, every fold creased in place with a clean hot iron. Learn more on how to fold wedding napkins.