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Victorian hatVictorian clothing is featured in photographs, prints, and articles - everything to help dress the part of the elegant Victorian lady, gentleman, or child. Colorful antique fashion prints show 19th century clothing from the Victorian period. Victorian ClothingStep by step description of clothing worn by the 19th century lady, starting with her undergarments to her dress. Find Victorian hats trimmed with frills, feathers, flowers and ribbons - a must-have fashion accessory. Evening gowns, dresses, hats and bonnets from the years of Pride and Prejudice.

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Dressed for Dinner in 1860
The latest styles of dinner dresses in 1860.

Dressing-Up: Fashions 1855-1860
The 1850s lady was a vision of elegance and grace in beautiful gowns trimmed with frills and ribbons.

Victorian Bustle Dresses
Hidden secret behind the 1880s silhouette.

Victorian Riding Habits
Photos and illustrations of Victorian riding dresses, hats and accessories.

Dressing the Victorian Lady from the 1850's
Step by step description of clothing worn by the Victorian lady from the 1850s, starting with her undergarments to her Victorian dress.

Victorian Dresses from 1880s
A collection of Victorian ball gowns and dresses from the 1880s.

Garibaldi Shirt
What effect did an Italian revolutionary have on Victorian fashion?

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Dressing Up- A Timeline of Victorian Clothing
View an interactive timeline of women's clothing.

Women's Regency Fashions: 1811-1812 
Evening gowns, day dresses, outdoor wear, hats and bonnets from the years of Pride and Prejudice.

The Natural Waist and Large Sleeves: Fashions 1825-1840
History of women's pre- Victorian clothing from 1825 to 1840 by expert Heather Palmer.

Fashion History | 1800s Clothing | French Fashions 1803
They wore long flowing muslin dresses based upon the classical designs of the Greeks and Romans.

1858-1862 Victorian Dress
See detailed pictures of an 1850s Victorian dress with a fashionable lady's hat, shoes, parasol and more!

1840s Victorian Dresses
Women’s 1840s day dresses featured tight sleeves and boned bodices with dropped shoulders. The bell shaped skirts were formed with cartridge pleating.

1840s Victorian Gowns
Women’s Victorian gowns and evening dresses are simpler during the 1840s regarding ornamentation. Bodices are worn off the shoulder.


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Gazette du Bon Ton

1830s Antique Clothing
A wardrobe of fashions from morning to evening events.

1865-1867 Victorian Dress
See detailed pictures of both a women's and child's 1860s clothing and accessories.

Antique Fashion Prints
Hand-colored costume prints are an art form for collectors.

In Antique Clothing, Black is Beautiful
Black clothing was not only for funerals in the Victorian era.

1890s Victorian Blouse
The 1890s ushered in a new style sleeve in women’s fashion. The Victorian blouse featured high full sleeves.



Free Victorian Clothing Catalog



Fall-Winter Catalog 1886-1887

Free digital reprint of a Victorian clothing catalog.

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Auctioning a Queen's Wardrobe
Auction catalog with descriptions and pictures of Queen Alexandra and Prince Edward's royal garments during the height of Victorian fashion.

Travel in Style: How to Dress for Travel in 1852
The proper Victorian clothing for travel in 1852.

Victorian Dress ACCESSORIES


Rare Antique Bonnets from the 1830s
Trimmed with frills, feathers, flowers, and ribbons, wide-brimmed bonnets were a "must-have" fashion accessory for women in the 1830s

Rare Antique French Parasol
Antique French mid- 19th century lady's carriage (folding) parasol with an ivory silk grosgrain cover and matching silk fringe and tassel.

Victorian Robe
A luxurious silk morning Victorian robe from the mid-1870s is the quality that would be worn by an affluent Victorian lady of leisure.

Dressing Gowns or Robes de Chambre
The Victorian dressing gown or robe de chambre was intended for bedroom or dressing-room wear only. These robes were made loose, and often confined to the waist by a cord. Several styles of Victorian robes are featured.


Morning Robes
Elegant morning robes of fine white cambric, silk, embroidered fabrics, and more.

Women's Victorian Coats
Featuring winter Victorian coats from 1891.

Travel in Style: How to Dress for Travel in 1852
The proper Victorian clothing for travel in 1852.

Headdresses and Hairstyles: 1860 - 1865
Photos and pictures of Civil War era hairstyles and headdresses.

Victorian Hair Styles - 1867 
Fashionable hair styles in 1867.  

Victorian Undersleeve in French Embroidery - 1857
Pattern for Victorian undersleeves in French embroidery.

Cashmere Shawls
History of the cashmere shawl.

Beyond the Fringe- Shawls of Paisley Design
Paisley shawls were in fashion from 1790-1870.

1830s Outerwear
Pelisses were made to fit the shape exactly and were usually closed from the throat to the feet with buttons or decorative fastenings. They were trimmed with fur, velvet, or fancy fringe.

Wings, Breasts & Birds
One of the most debated accessories used in women's fashions was the use of birds and bird feathers as a fashion ornament.

Civil War Era Hats
Civil War hats and bonnets from an 1864 issue of Godey's Lady's Book.

Victorian Hats
A guide to Victorian hats- articles, photos, prints and resources.

The Art of the Fan
The art of using the fan by Joseph Addison.

The Fan
Fans were popular from the sixteenth through the 19th centuries.

Victorian Hats - 1878
Decorated with feathers and birds, ribbons and flowers ... Victorian hats were a elegant work of art.


Victorian DressSHOES & SLIPPERS


Victorian Shoes, Stockings and Boots
Styles from the 1870s.

Victorian Shoes - Queen Alexandra Silk Shoes
Part of HM Queen Alexandra's trousseau. These silk shoes were listed in a 1937 auction catalog.

Antique Shoes
Collecting Victorian shoes is a fun hobby. They are so easy to display.

Civil War Era Pattern for Christmas Slipper
Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the Victorian enthusiast or Civil War reenactor?

Victorian Slipper Pattern for 1864
This pattern is for a lady's slipper with silk embroidery worked on a foundation of black velvet.

Victorian DressPURSES


Antique Purses from 1855
Four French antique purse designs.

Antique Purse - Gift for the Princess of Wales
An 1860s purse given to Princess Alexandra. This antique purse has tangible proof of the beginning of its life with the embossing of the date and ownership.

Berlin Wool Purse Craft
Victorian Berlin Wool purse with beads and tassels from 1865.

Embroidered Purses
Two rare purses decorated with fish scales.

Christmas Opera Bag
Follow directions to make a Victorian Opera Bag as a Christmas gift.

Antique and Vintage Purses
Shop for an antique or vintage purse to add to your collection.

Victorian Dress UNDER-CLOTHING


Pretty in the Morning – Victorian Robes
Victorian robes of silk and lace decorated with embroidery, buttons and tassels.

Queen Victoria - Queen Victoria's Underwear
Photos and information about the Queen's unmentionables.

Naughty But Nice
The Victorian lady is undressed in photographs.

The Crinoline
Illustrated history of the crinoline or hoop skirt.

Hoop Skirt: How to Wear a Hoop Skirt
Every wearer of the hoop skirt has, more or less, inconvenience and danger from the hoops catching in everything that comes in their way.

Victorian Bustles
Hidden secret behind the 1880s silhouette.

Dressing the Victorian Lady from the 1850's
Step by step description of clothing worn by the Victorian lady from the 1850s, starting with her undergarments to her Victorian dress.

Queen’s Unmentionables Up for Sale
A pair of Queen Victoria’s stockings was part of a fine antiques sale at Lyon and Turnbull in Edinburgh. Collecting Victorian royal memorabilia has been an enthusiastic pursuit of collectors for over a hundred years, but why the enthusiam for collecting Victoria’s undergarments?

Victorian Corset Directory
Your resource for the Victorian corset.

Buy an Antique Victorian Corset
Scan through available corsets for sale.

Where Have All the Corsets Gone?
When collecting original garments as opposed to reproductions, try to find a real Victorian or Edwardian corset ... Just try!

Brightly Colored Corset
The corset, an essential undergarment, was featured in a variety of colors, including white, black, charcoal gray, and even red.

How to Properly Lace a Corset
A Victorian magazine describes how to properly lace a corset.

Lord and Taylor Corsets
1880s corsets are featured in a Lord & Taylor catalog.

Corsets and Tight Lacing
Is the red nose from the corset or liquor?



History of the Fashionable Bathing Suit
It was in the early 1800s that people began to flock to the beaches for seaside amusement; along with this new outdoor pastime came the need for a stylish garment for the privileged lady of fashion.

Women's Golf Clothing
Women enjoyed the game of golf and had a variety of fashions to wear on the course.

A Mid-19th Century Victorian Ball
Do you know what to wear and how to act at a Victorian Ball?

Fancy Dress Costumes | Victorian Fancy Dress
Fancy dress costumes for a Victorian fancy dress party, featuring fancy dress costume ideas, materials, masks, costs and rental fees.

Children's Fancy Dress Costumes
Featuring elaborate fancy dress or masquerade party costumes for children.

Fancy Dress Party - The Vanderbilt Fancy Dress Ball
An elaborate fancy dress party for the rich and famous with fabulous fancy dress costumes was given in New York.

Sports Clothing 1860-1910
See what women wore for sports in the 19th century

Ice Skating Fashion & Fun
Fashionable Victorian skating clothing styles and ice skating fun.

Bicycle Clothing
Leggins, hat, gloves, tie—even the chatelaine bag—must match the costume.

Travel in Style: How to Dress for Travel in 1852
The proper Victorian clothing for travel in 1852.

In Antique Clothing, Black is Beautiful
Black clothing was not only for funerals in the Victorian era.

The House of Mourning
Victorian mourning and funeral customs and etiquette.

Mourning and Funeral Usages
What is the proper Victorian clothing to be worn  during the mourning period?

Shopping at Lord & Taylor Women's Department in the 1950s
The Lord and Taylor Women's Department .... see where Society women shopped in the 1950s!

Victorian DressWEDDING

Queen Victoria Wedding
Details of dresses, procession, celebrations and food.

Online Images of Bridal Gowns
Where would you find the most beautiful wedding dresses ever created? See online images of actual wedding dresses found in the collections of museums around the world.

Royal Wedding Dresses
Unique collection of British royal wedding dresses featuring Princess Charlotte's wedding dress, an elaborate cloth-of-silver empire line dress embroidered with flowers and trimmed with Brussels lace and the silk satin Victorian wedding dress worn by Queen Victoria, plus more.

British Royal Weddings
Explore the tradition, splendor and romance of the seven royal weddings.

Civil War Era Silk Wedding Dress
1860s Victorian dress. Move mouse over image to learn about the Victorian clothing worn underneath a dress during the Civil War era.

Civil War Dresses for a Bride
1861 wedding dresses with detailed descriptions from Godey's Lady's Book.

Victorian Brides, Vanderbilt Trousseau
The wedding dress was the handsomest seen in New York since that of Nellie Grant.

Harpers Bazaar Wedding Dresses
Victorian wedding dresses from Harpers Bazaar.

To Gather Orange Blossoms
Victorian wedding customs, the history of brides wearing orange blossoms in the hair.

Wedding Antiques
Find that perfect antique Victorian wedding or shower gift 

A Victorian Wedding Timeline
A collection of hand-colored Victorian fashion prints of beautiful Victorian brides.

Wedding Photographs, c.1900-1920
"Smile! ... see wedding photographs of early 20th century brides and grooms from The Library of Congress.

Victorian Wedding Center
History, dresses, groom, engagement, ceremony and reception -- everything for the Victorian Wedding.

Victorian BoyCHILDREN


Boy's 1860s Fashions
The 1860s offered a variety of outfits designed for the growing boy. Each style had its purpose and a specific age requirement.

Dressing the Victorian Girl in the 1890s
Fashionable dresses for the girl of the 1890s.

The Sailor Theme in Boy's Fashions of the 1890s
Several sailor suits for young boys in the Victorian era.

Victorian Boys Clothing
Victorian boys wore short pants three-piece suits.

Children's Fancy Dress Costumes
Featuring elaborate fancy dress or masquerade party costumes for children.

Good Taste and Bad Taste in Dressing Children
How to dress your child.

Keeping Warm in Style
At the end of the 19th century, cloth jackets with double or triple shoulder capes were in great favor with girls from ten to fourteen years of age.

Victorian Ring Bearer
No fashionable Victorian bridal party was complete without small boys as pages.

Girl's Edwardian Hats
Edwardian hats and bonnets for young girls from 1903.

Paper Costumes - Costumes for Kids
Make fun easy costumes for parties, plays, or dress-up.

Victorian Etiquette - Births and Christenings
The mother, even though quite young, would not dress entirely in white at the christening of her child.

Victorian DressRESOURCES

Royal Fashion
Victorian clothing belonging to Queen Victoria and other Royals, including wedding dresses.

Storing Antique Clothing
How to care for your antique and vintage textiles.

Quotation by Worth From Harper's Bazaar Personal Column, 1877
The gossip column of Harper's Bazaar chats with Victorian fashion designer Worth.

Ladies Book of Etiquette, Fashion and Manual of Politeness
Book of Victorian/Civil War Era etiquette first printed in 1860 and remained popular in reprint for several decades.


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