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Food and desserts are an important part of any event or party. Whether it’s a wedding, child’s birthday party, or backyard barbeque, creating the perfect menu is key to having a successful event. While appetizers and entrees tend to make up the majority of your menu, one of the most important items on the menu is the dessert. There are a variety of different deserts to choose from when planning your party, however the most popular choice for most events is a cake. Instead of just going from bakery to bakery looking at their cake designs, consider adding your own personal touch and creating your own. Not a professional cake designer?  No problem, because there’s a cake designer app for that!


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Cakes can be displayed during birthday parties, business conferences, or holiday festivities, however they most popularly appear in weddings. The cake is the center piece of your wedding decorations, tying together your color scheme and décor. It is important to pick wedding cake designs that not only match your décor scheme, but also one that showcases your style. cake appWith today’s technology you can find a variety of mobile applications that act as tools for every day tasks, including cake decorating. Wedding cake design apps are popular among future brides, mothers, and event planners alike, providing a quick and easy way to plan and decorate your cake effortlessly. Wedding app cake designers are available for most smart phone devices as well as tablets and computers. In combination with a wedding planning app, cake designers can help to inspire you with popular decorations, color schemes, and pictures of the top wedding cakes throughout the years.

One of the top rated applications available for your iPhone is the CreateShake Wedding Cake Designer app. This mobile application allows you to choose from a wide assortment of flavors and icing colors, as well as over 75 wedding cake toppers, cake decorations and wedding cake boxes. With this app, you can design a cake from scratch, or view random wedding cake pictures by shaking your device or clicking shuffle. Once you create your own wedding cake you can then upload the image to social media sites.


Cake Design How-to

Wedding Cake DesignerAnother popular app for the android and apple devices is the Wilton Cake Ideas & More application. Unlike the other app where you design your own wedding cake, this application focuses on instruction and inspiration. This wilton app offers inspiration from thousands of images of designer cakes and provide instructions on how to design a wedding cake. Use this app to find the best cake decorating supplies and wedding decorations. In addition to wedding ideas, you can use the pictures of birthday cakes provided in this application to create the perfect day for your child. Scroll through an assortment of wedding photos depicting decorated cakes designed from scratch with help how-to instructions from other users and professional bakers. In addition to providing you with instructions on how to bake and design a wedding cake, the Wilton application can help you find cake decorating classes near you so that you can get professional hands on help in your journey to becoming a baker. The wilton app is the perfect tool for cake decorators to utilize for baking.


Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding CupcakesA popular trend shown lately in wedding catalogs makes use of cupcakes to build your own wedding cake. Cupcakes for weddings can be used as the center piece of the event, miniature desserts for guests, as well as creative cake decorations and toppers. A cupcake wedding cake is both chic and stylish, as well as a budget friendly alternative to the traditional multi-tiered cake. Not only that, but you do not have to be an expert at cake decorating to construct one out of cupcakes. One of the best wedding cake designer smartphone apps to download is the 1001 Cupcake Design Catalog. You can purchase this app for your iphone or ipad for the low price of 99 cents.

Use this mobile application to browse through a selection of cupcake designs for birthday cakes, Christmas parties, or spring wedding ideas. This app provides you with high quality images of the most popular cupcake designs including those with elegant bride and groom cake toppers. Use this app in combination with a guest list planner in order ensure you have enough cupcakes for every person.