Victorian and Vintage Valentines

Make a Victorian Valentine
"To My Valentine" -- craft your own Victorian Valentine from our free download of a 19th century card.

The Valentine - A Tribute to Love
Nancy Rosin explores the history of the Valentine though the centuries. Collectors of valentines and the related memorabilia, celebrate Valentine's Day every day, researching and sharing their passion.

Valentine Writers
Before Valentines could be purchased at a local store, lovers were constrained to construct their own special cards and prose. Materials for these were a quill pen, a sheet of thick writing paper, and an acquaintance with the muse of poetry.


Antique Heart-Shaped Jewelry
Heart shaped jewelry was a popular motif and symbol of love during the Victorian era.

Collecting Victorian Expressions of Love
Nancy Rosin tells of her collection of Victorian love ephemera.

Victorian Valentines
The history of three dimensional cards for Valentine's Day.


First American Valentine
The manufacture of valentines today is the result of a woman's cleverness and ingenuity in the early part of the 19th century.  

Love and Romance
A limited edition 2007 love card, embellished with pure silver glitter, and adorned with an antique image, circa 1850.

Parties from the Past: Valentine's Day
During the late nineteenth century Valentine's Day was celebrated with luncheons, teas, socials and fancy dress parties. 

Valentine Ornaments
One-of-a-kind, handmade, Victorian Valentine ornaments


Valentine's Day Flowers
Bouquets of flower are artistically arranged for a special Valentine gift.  

Queen of Hearts Costume
Directions on how to make a Valentine's Day Queen of Hearts paper  costume, published by the Dennison Manufacturing Company in 1922.

Valentines Day Luncheon
A "heart" menu for Valentine's Day adds fun to the celebration.

Valentines Day Party Decorations
An old-fashioned Valentine's Day party is made with crepe paper favors and decorations.