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Old-fashioned homemade cake recipes with lots of real sugar and butter. Delicious free cake recipes that are not for those watching their weight - Queen cake recipe, lemon cake recipe, pound cake recipe and the best chocolate cake recipe.


layer cake recipe for parties

Fun with Layers

Build a great dessert with chocolate and yellow cake recipes joined with a delicious chocolate frosting.



chocolate cake

Chocolate... Chocolate... More Chocolate!

Just 3 easy steps for best chocolate cake recipe!



cake decorating ideas

The Art of Cake Decorating

To begin, use a proven cake decorating icing.



Whipped Cream Frosting

Whipped cream frosting is delicious when garnished with fresh fruit or unsweetened chocolate shavings.


Best Lemon Cake Recipes

Bake one of our lemon cakes with butter, sugar and eggs. Summer favorite!


Sugar Free Cake Recipes

Use sugar substitutes to transform cake recipe favorites into healthier alternatives.


Delicious Cake Icing

Decorate with yummy homemade icing for small fancy cakes and birthday cakes.


Best Coconut Cake

Old-Fashioned Coconut Daffodil Cake with butter, sugar and eggs.


cupcake ideas

Our Best Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Bake, decorate and enjoy the best cupcakes ever.


Free Cake Recipes

Homemade Lemon Cake


Lemon Gingerbread Recipe

Lemon Cake   Lemon Gingerbread

Lemon Cake: Old-fashioned recipe requires that you beat 6 eggs, the yolks & whites separately, till in a solid froth; add to the yolks the grated rind of a fine lemon & 6 oz. of sugar dried and sifted; beat this 1/4 hour; shake in six ounces of dried flour; then add the whites of eggs and juice of the lemon; when these are well beaten in, put it immediately into pans, and bake it about an hour in a moderately hot oven.


Gingerbread: Homemade gingerbread recipe requires that you grate the rinds of two or three lemons, and add the juice to a glass of brandy; then mix the grated lemon in one pound of flour, make a hole in the flour, pour in half a pound of treacle, half a pound of butter melted, the lemon-juice, and brandy, and mix all up together with half an ounce of ground ginger and 1/4 oz. Cayenne pepper.


Pound Cake Recipe   Old-Fashioned Queen Cake
Pound Cake   Queen Cake

Pound Cake recipe requires that you beat 1 lb. of butter to a cream and mix with it whites & yolks of 8 eggs beaten apart. Have ready 1 lb. of flour and the same of sifted sugar; mix them and a few cloves, a little nutmeg & cinnamon, in fine powder together; then by degrees work the dry ingredients into butter & eggs. When well beaten add a glass of wine & some caraways. It must be beaten a full hour. Butter a pan and bake 1 hour.


Queen Cake: This cake recipe requires that you mix one pound of dried flour, the same of sifted sugar and of washed currants; wash one pound of butter in rose water, beat it well, then mix with it eight eggs, yolks and whites beaten separately, put in the dry ingredients by degrees; beat the whole an hour; butter little tins, teacups, or saucers, filling them only half full; sift a little fine sugar over just as you put them into the oven.


Best Chocolate Cake Recipe
Do you know how to make best chocolate cake ever? Try this recipe.


Coconut Devils Food Cake
Combination of two favorite cake recipes. Yummy devils food cake & coconut cake.


Plain Cake Recipe
Make small fancy decorated cakes with the best plain cake recipe from scratch.


Sponge Cake Recipe
Free cake recipes to make homemade cakes. Easy & inexpensive to make.


chocolate cakeBest Chocolate Cake Recipe: Do you know how to make the best chocolate cake ever? Here is one of the best chocolate cake recipes from scratch that is rich, delicate in flavor and not overly sweet. The secret in securing the rich, yet delicate flavor and the even texture of this perfect chocolate cake lies in the selection of the best materials

cakeHomemade Seed Cake Recipe: Old-fashioned cake recipe requires that you beat 1 lb of butter to a cream gradually adding 1/4 lb. sifted sugar, beating both together. Have ready yolks of 18 eggs and whites of 10, beaten separately. Mix in the whites first and then the yolks, and beat the whole for 10 minutes. Add 2 grated nutmegs, 1-1/2 lb. flour and mix very gradually with other ingredients. When oven is ready, beat in 3 oz. of caraway seeds.


Our Best Homemade Cake Recipes

How to Make Chocolate Cake
Best chocolate cake recipe from scratch. Chocolate frosting & a creamy filling.


Angel Food Cake
Recipe for an old-fashioned delicious dessert favorite.


White Fruit Cake Recipe
Traditional white fruit cake recipe adds a special touch to holiday gift giving.


Sugar Free Icing
Delicious when garnished with fresh fruit or unsweetened chocolate shavings.


Best Fudge Icing Recipe
Quick easy and delicious fudge recipe to top your homemade cake.


Chocolate Eclair Recipe
Homemade chocolate eclairs with easy recipe.


Eggless Cakes

Sugar Free Recipes

Sponge Cake

Lemon Cake

Chocolate Cake

Holiday Cakes