Valentine Ornaments





Valentine Ornaments

One-of-a-kind, Handmade Victorian Valentine Ornaments
by Glenn & Gail Giaimo

Dresden Star Victorian Valentine ornaments are lovingly hand-crafted from beautiful antique chromolithographs, old glass ornaments, and a variety of vintage trimmings, making them truly look like antique crafted decorations. You can decorate a wall, window, mirror or mantle with these whimsical creations. 



Cupid Riding Bicycle on Bumpy Glass Bell -

Featured is a beautiful early 1900's bumpy glass bell ornament with a vintage glass icicle extending from the neck of glass bell. Crafted with a rare antique scrap Cupid riding a bicycle, vintage fabric flowers, vintage composition stamens with Venetian dew, and four different vintage Dresdenvalentine ornament paper trims. Hand signed by Glenn Giaimo. [8 1/4" tall]


Two-Tiered Valentine with Children -

This ornament is created with a rare antique scrap with "My heart whispers love to thine, wilt though be my Valentine?" The heart is made with antique cotton batting, antique silk ribbon and elaborate antique beaded trim. Hand signed by Gail Giaimo. [14" tall]


Valentine Ornament with Girl and Dog

As adorable as it is beautiful – a perfect valentine for pet lovers! Created with an antique scrap heart with roses, antique scrap of a girl with her pet dog and an antique wired tinsel heart.  Hand signed by Gail Giaimo. [7 1/2" tall]


Rare Large Valentine with Beads and Chenille

This rare large antique die-cut heart valentine is backed with fluffy cotton batting and decorated with antique Dresden paper trim, antique beaded fringe trim, antique chenille fringe trim, and antique silk ribbon.  Hand signed by Gail Giaimo. [11" tall]


Stunning Glass Lyre with Cupid

This exquisite glass Valentine ornament is crafted with a graceful early 20th century indented glass lyre, an antique scrap cupid with hearts and an antique bumpy glass bell. The way Glenn married the die-cut Valentine with the indent in the lyre makes this ornament a work of art! Hand signed by Glenn Giaimo. [6" tall]



Lace and Celluloid 3-D Valentine with Children

An antique 3-D Valentine was refurbished by embellishing it with the best Dresden trims and adorable scraps – even the back is decorated beautifully!  An antique celluloid die-cut heart with its original lace edging, an antique scrap heart and a sweet antique scrap with children holding hands – all hung with an antique ribbon. Hand signed by Gail Giaimo. [7" tall]



Deluxe 3-D Valentine Nut-Cup with Roses

The spirit of St. Valentine’s Day has truly been captured inside this whimsical vintage nut-cup with its rich reds, luscious hearts, antique scrap of adorable school children and crepe paper roses. This is a great stand-alone decoration for your parlor table or mantle! Hand signed by Gail Giaimo. [5 1/4" tall]


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