8 Scrumptious Vintage “Tea Room” Menus

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Revisit the centuries-old tradition of gathering with friends for relaxed conversation and a cup of tea. A tea party is the picture-perfect way to celebrate a special occasion such as a bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary or birthday. You can enjoy the many delights of tea-time, whether a summer tea party outdoors or a cozy afternoon tea indoors by the fire, by replicating one of these delightful vintage tea room menus from the New York Public Library.



This irresistible collection of vintage restaurant menus offers oodles of food and beverage suggestions for a memorable tea-time gathering. The library has a captivating online archive of more than 17,000 period restaurant menus with the oldest dating back to the 1850s. We have chosen a selection of early 1900s tea room menus with delicious treats such as Champagne Wafers, Charlotte Russe, Chocolate Eclairs, Lady Fingers, Assorted Sandwiches, Marmalades with Toast, Fragrant Teas, Sarsaparilla, and more. So invite some friends, arrange the table with vintage linens, mix-and-match colorful vintage tea cups and bone-handled silverware to enjoy the many delights of this timeless tradition.


#1. Lord & Taylor Tea Rooms, August 14, 1914

Lord & Taylor Tea Rooms offered a "Special Afternoon Tea" beginning at 50 cents per person with several varieties of hot and cold tea, assorted sandwiches, a variety of French pastry, and ice cream.


tea party menu

#2. John Wanamaker Afternoon Tea Menu. Oct 28, 1907

This John Wanamaker “Afternoon Tea Menu” features thirty-nine dishes including chicken, ham and caviar sandwiches; macaroons, ginger bread, and Charlotte Russe; plus tutti-frutti ice and frozen cherries au maraschino.

#3. Greenhut-Siegel Cooper Tea Room, Dec 19, 1912

The Greenhut-Siegel Cooper Co. Tea Room offered over 300 dishes in their restaurant. They boasted “daylight made” pastry, dessert and puddings, fresh fruits, ice cream with cake and fragrant teas in addition to their regular fare.


tea menu

#4. Mandel’s Tea Rooms, May 2, 1900

Mandel’s Tea Rooms’ menu features a “special luncheon” with 61 dishes including cream of chicken soufflé, soft shell crabs, frog legs, lobster sandwich, prime roast beef and a variety of sides and desserts.


tea menu

#5. The Tea Room, March 22, 1921

The Tea Room in Baltimore featured luncheons or afternoon tea parties with a selection of 281 dishes.


tea menu

#6. Cooley’s Sunday Tea, July 21, 1901

Cooley’s, in Springfield, Mass, had a Sunday Tea menu that declared that “all drinking water used in this house is filtered by Dennison’s Process and cooled by Hygienic Ice.


  tea menu

#7. Macy & Co. Five O’Clock Tea, December 7, 1905

R.H. Macy & Co. in New York served a “Five O’Clock Tea from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. which included just 8 dishes.


tea menu

#8. Congress Hotel Japanese Tea Room, Jan 1, 1908

The Congress Hotel Japanese Tea Room in Chicago specialties included Japanese Crystallized Pineapple, Ginger, Oranges, and Lemon Peel.