Christmas Tree Garland - How to Make Popcorn Garland

Popcorn Garland

Popcorn balls look tempting on a Christmas tree. They are easy to make, a safe ornament when the tree is to be lighted with candles, and they taste very good, indeed. Have the fire clear and hot, with no flames, and put in the popper at onetime only enough corn to cover the bottom a single kernel deep; shake the popper constantly while the corn is over the fire until it has all popped.


Then boil one-quarter of a cupful of molasses with a little sugar until it hardens in the water,  remove from the fire before it turns brittle and pour it over two quarts of corn. Mix well and make into balls about the size of lemons, suspend the sweet, white ornaments from the twigs, and use the remaining corn for a different decoration. String a lot of the flower-like kernels with a large needle and strong thread, loop the strands from branch to branch, and the snowy ropes will lighten up the foliage beautifully (Fig. 20).

[FROM: "CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATIONS, Good to Eat & Good to Look Upon". The Delineator, Dec. 1901]


Popcorn Garland