Victorian Chimney Sweep Christmas Ornament

Homemade decorations for the Christmas tree will create lasting childhood memories. Try making this Victorian chimney sweep ornament. [Victoriana Magazine]


Chimney Sweep  [Victoriana Magazine]Homemade decorations for the Christmas tree will create lasting childhood memories and are also more pleasing than the plastic baubles found at the big box stores. From little children right up to grown adults, each can have a part in furnishing the Christmas tree decorations. Moreover, Christmas crafts provide hours of entertainment on a cold winter night.

The chimney sweep was a popular Christmas ornament in which Victorian children delighted and can easily be made with household items. The idea came from Germany, and rapidly was a favorite both in England and America. This jolly little chimney sweep, with his funny broom held high in the air, wore a peaked green hat and carried a red bag filled with goodies. He is made entirely of prunes (Fig. 6) - one for the head, two for the body, one for each arm, one for each hand, two for each leg, and one for each foot.



CHRISTMAS CRAFT  [Victoriana Magazine]


Things you will need: Box of prunes; strong dark thread; needle; red paper; green paper; toothpick; broom bristles.







The prunes are strung together with a coarse needle and thread. If, when made, he is too limber, give him a backbone by running a slender, stick through the back of his head and body. Give him a green paper hat shaped like a wide-mouthed horn. Make a paper face; then tie the red bag across his shoulders and fasten it at the side with a pin. Fill the bag with sweets, treats and trinkets. The broom can be fashioned of a wooden toothpick with a bunch of broom straws bound on one end. The excited child who receives the homemade Christmas ornament from the tree may devour the prunes when tired of the toy.

[FROM: "CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATIONS, Good to Eat & Good to Look Upon". The Delineator, Dec. 1901]