How to Make Christmas Ornaments - Tin Foil Christmas Ornaments

One of the quickest made festoons for a Christmas tree, and one which has never been thought of until now, is decorations of tinfoil, the common kind of foil to be found at the florist's. It also comes around cakes of chocolate, rolls of cream cheese, large packages of tea and inside the paper around tobacco.



You can make the trimming any length desired by pasting strips of the tinfoil together, but before joining the pieces fold one at a time an cut slashes on each side nearly across to the opposite side as in Fig. 1. Unfolded the strip resembles Fig. 2; pulled at each end it opens and lengthens out into figure 3. This decoration catches the light and glistens beautifully, but it must be handled carefully and not laid down after it is stretched open. As soon as ready hang the strips on the tree, where they will be safe. The best plan is to make these loopings after the other decorations are finished and on the tree. When the pieces are cut they are more easily handled if but a few are put together at a time before they are pulled open; then the decoration will appear in perfect shape and look like polished, shining silver hanging in delicate, graceful festoons.


Christmas Ornaments