Wooton Desk - Antique Wooten Desk

Wooten desk

A rare antique Wooton Desk was for sale at a Stuart Holman auction. The Wooten Desk was designed by William S. Wooton in 1870 and quickly became popular with those of the wealthier class. It was used by many leading business and professional men in all the principal countries and cities of the western world.

Wooton Desk

It was a secretary desk or cupboard desk, typically with dozens of drawers and small nooks and crannies. The Wooton desk had rotating cases at each end. The front portions opened to the right and left with file boxes and shelves. The writing table let down, exposing a number of drawers, shelves, and pigeon-holes. Bookcases and drawers were below, a very compact piece of furniture. The company was awarded many medals for superior adaptability for office purposes, novelty and convenience.

Above is shown a rare and magnificent example of this great style antique desk. $18,700 was the final price paid for this outstanding Wooton Desk. The Wooton Desk is a most highly prized example of Victorian Furniture.  No other example of furniture from the Victorian era is more highly sought after. [Photo courtesy of Stuart Holman]