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top paint apps for best interior paint colorsNot sure which color to paint your wall? With the Paint My Wall - Pro app you can paint your wall on a photo simply by using your finger to choose a paint color sample. See how a new interior paint color would fit with your interior design before doing the real painting. Use your fingers to paint, erase and zoom into detailed regions of your image. Once you are finished painting your wall virtually you can switch the paint color wheel by a simple finger touch.



When choosing best interior paint colors, play around with different paint sample colors to check their overall appearance. Find out the perfect interior color for your wall. The app analyses your interior and gives you color suggestions that match your couch, table, shelf. Every color combination has a meaning. Find out what people associate with your living room. Does it look comfortable, elegant or modern? The paint app analyzes your photo to determine the style from a library of over 100 associations. Still unsure which interior color to take? Share your paints on Facebook, Twitter and other social nets. Send emails with the image attached or save it in your photo album.


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There are no limits on what you can paint. See how your table and chairs would look in a different color. Paint fences, verandas or complete houses. With Paint My Wall - Pro app you never worry about a wrong color decision again..

Today consumers can preview and interact with a paint manufacturer’s color swatches and products to virtually create the room of their dreams long before picking up a paint brush with the help of mobile paint apps for both iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. When we speak about interior color for a space it does not mean only the shade of your wall but also includes color of furnishings.

Free Paint Tester

See how new home paint colors would look on your walls before you paint! Finding the right color for a room can be a challenge, but Paint Tester shows you the results without all the pain of painting and repainting! Easily try out home interior paint colors from the palette or take a photo of a color you'd like to try, and apply it to pictures of your own home! Know what you're getting in to before the first drop of paint touches the walls. With the free Paint Tester app, a variety of tools and smart paint bucket make it easy to change the wall color in a picture in a matter of seconds! Start by taking a picture of the room you'd like to paint, then use the paint bucket to apply colors to the walls. In a well lit photo, the smart paint bucket will color the wall without bleeding on to neighboring walls or the ceiling. If you didn't like how the first color looks, use the color picker to choose another, and just tap with the paint bucket to replace it!

Valspar Paint ConnectLIVE App

Valspar Paint features a new interior design app to help selecting paint colors. The homeowner can now connect to the power in color via the latest technology in virtual room painter apps. The ConnectLIVE app is one of the most original interior design apps to hit the market. This innovative decorating tool offers live paint color consultations with a professional color consultant, directly from the comfort of your home.

The painting a room online app enables users to schedule a virtual one-on-one appointment between themselves and a Valspar color consultant and conduct a customized 30-minute color consultation with a color consultant. Valspar has thousands of colors to choose from and this personal consultation tool, virtually, helps people connect to the power in color and easily transform their homes. During a ConnectLIVE appointment, the Valspar color consultant views the participant's interior living space and personal style aesthetic, and following an open dialogue, recommends a personalized Valspar color palette for their space. The palette will include coordinated picks for any paintable surfaces in the room, including: accent walls, ceilings, trim, fireplaces, and more.