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A bathroom design planner allows you to place bathroom fixtures and accessories into a customized bathroom online, as well as save product information for reference when shopping at your nearest dealer or retailer. With an online room planner you can visualize how different products for the bathroom will appear with the aid of bathroom design tools and then save that information for future reference.



An easy-to-use, interactive 3D bathroom planner enables companies to market to their consumers in a unique way, thus enhancing loyalty and increasing sales. Moreover, paint manufacturers allow you to preview and interact with their color swatches to virtually create the room of your dreams with the help of mobile paint apps for both iPhone and Android platforms.


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Trying to decide on a new bathroom vanity? Bathroom furniture can be contemporary, traditional or somewhere in-between and come in a variety of styles including, single sink, double sink, corner, curved front, bow front and wall-hung. Bathroom furniture is first defined by its finish, then by the style of the drawer or cabinet pulls. The next concern for the perfect vanity is does it provide plenty of storage with a shelf and working drawers?


When selecting a vanity, you will want to choose one that is durable, stylish and maximizes available space. The online Bathroom Furniture Guide is produced in association with Masco in the UK to provide bathroom planner help when designing a new space or making changes to an existing bathroom. The aim of the virtual room design tool is to give you inspirational and innovative bathroom design ideas with a 3D room planner for iPad feature including bathroom furniture, bathroom vanities, bathroom cabinets etc.


Online Bathroom Designer

The “Plan Your Room” is the perfect online bathroom design planner that lets you easily lay out detailed, two-dimensional room plans and visualize how products and objects will fit into those spaces. This bathroom design planner features include easy drag-and-drop adjustment of walls, options including split walls, and simple one-click additions of products for the bathroom, including toilets, sinks, whirlpools, bathtubs, showers and structural elements. The Plan Your Room tool also allows you to add sized-to-scale fixtures to their rooms. Object orientation will place items in the correct orientation when moved. You can then re-size and print bathroom templates to bring to your nearest dealer or retailer.



If you want to take your bathroom design to the next level then you definitely need to consider getting your hands on free bathroom design software. While there are plenty of options available on the market, they can be quite expensive and if you are only designing a small bathroom project, you might not be able to justify the cost. However there are several 3D bathroom design software download options available on the internet which may be more than enough if you are only a DIY remodeler. Although the average purchased 3D design software will have an advanced graphical interface and will look a lot better, many of the features are not necessary to create your dream bathroom. If you have tried out a piece of free software and decided that it isn't enough, then you should see if a more expensive software program has a free trial before buying it.


Free Bathroom Planner

Whether you intend to add a new bathroom or remodel the present one, it is often rather difficult to visualize the final design before it is completed. But there is a way—a very simple and inexpensive way—whereby you can see just how your dream bathroom will look. Bathroom Designs+ allows you to professionally plan your new bathroom. You can plan your new dream bath quickly and easily in four simple steps. Design, share and manage your bathroom plans in an online environment that is intuitive and flexible. You always have access to the stored plans and are able to process your already designed plans on your tablet or your computer.