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The smallest modern bathroom layout you can design and still handle an average size tub is five feet square. See the best small bathroom designs, layouts and floor plans for today's modern bathrooms.



Small Bathrooms Layout

The sink in small bathroom designs can extend from the wall only 15 inches and the toilet only 27 inches. This provides the minimum space needed between the front of sink and the toilet. Nevertheless, the 5x5 small bathroom plan does not provide enough space in front of the tub for easy cleaning. The latest bathroom tiles design can make a room appear larger.

In a room as small as this, there is space for storage if a narrow bathroom vanity is installed instead of a pedestal sink. Moreover, storage space in modern bathrooms can be carved out in the studs of the wall above both the toilet and the sink. With a 5 x 5 bathroom layout it is necessary for the door to open out of the room and the window situated window over the tub. This is not a good or a safe place for a window, but sometimes it is the only possible location. If you are faced with a window over a tub, casement windows with cranks are easier to open than double-hung windows. 5x5 small bathroom designs are strictly one-person bathrooms. If there are children or others who need help in the bathroom, plan a bigger room. By making modern bathrooms slightly larger, maybe 5x7 feet, the door can open into the room.


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Best Small Bathroom Designs

With a shower stall instead of the bath tub, there is space along the 5 foot length wall for a built-in bathroom vanity with counter space and storage area underneath. Two casement windows over the counters allows for plenty of daylight at the mirror. The best way to arrange 5x8 bathroom designs is to center the door along the long wall. To allow the door to open, the sink or bathroom vanity cannot extend more than 18 inches from the wall. In this layout, the tub fits into one end of the room. Behind the door there is space for a floor-to-ceiling cabinet 12 inches deep and 24 inches wide.


7x8 Small Modern Bathroom Designs

If your bathroom can be as large as a 7x8 bathroom floor plan, you can arrange the bathroom fixtures in a number of ways. Moreover, the extra floor space with small bathroom designs this size makes it possible to7x8 Small Bathroom use the bathroom as a dressing room. This is also an economical arrangement if all the fixtures are placed along the 7 foot wall across from the door; you can save on the cost of piping by placing all the fixtures along one wall. To the left of the door is a floor-to-ceiling cabinet for towels and bath supplies. The tub has been recessed by building a wall between tub and the cabinet. The key to achieving well-designed modern bathrooms is to make it feel more spacious. Now, more than ever before, bathroom fixtures are available in a beautiful selection of colors, materials, sizes and styles. With small in size bathroom fixtures, you can visually open up the space. This is a popular solution adopted by many professional designers. 

In the 7x8 modern bathroom design, you will need an overhead bathroom light fixture as well as light at the mirror. For most small bathroom designs, a light over the mirror, or bathroom sconces at the sides, will be enough. For side light fixtures, placement about 5-1/2 feet from floor to center of bulb is the right height. Place fixtures so the light shines on both sides of the face instead of in the mirror. For safety, use wall switches rather than pull chains for the light fixtures. In the bathroom it is usually possible to touch both water and metal while using electric bathroom appliances or switching on lights. There is a great danger of shock if wiring is defective, or equipment is not properly grounded. So, try to locate switches and convenience outlets out of reach of anyone in the tub and away from pipes or other metal objects in small bathroom designs.


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Bathtubs in Modern Bathrooms

When designing small bathrooms, the bathtub becomes the most prominent feature and should be considered first. Place the fixture end of a recessed or built-in bathtub on an inside wall. You can then have a removable panel in the wall so you can easily repair pipes. Standard size bath tubs for modern bathrooms vary in dimensions and layout options. Built-in tubs without a wide rim are usually 30 inches in width, while with a wide rim they are 36 inches wide. The length is 5 to 6 feet long, and fit into less space than a tub on legs or free standing tub. Moreover, there are no exposed pipes. Regardless of the type of vanity or sink you choose for your bathroom design, it is important to have it at a height that is right for most members of your family. You can place a wall hung sink at whatever height is best.


Explore small bathroom designs in a three-dimensional environment by using free online bath design tools to create a virtual design from your own floor plan. Before and after remodeling bathroom photos offer the greatest help in transforming small bathrooms into up-to-date modern bathrooms. In bathroom photos you can envision a wide range of high-quality building products including bathroom faucets, fixtures, furniture, vitreous china fixtures, cast iron sinks, whirlpool tubs and other wellness products for the bath. Using bathroom photos to help plan your renovations in advance is best for how to plan a bathroom. Once bathroom fixtures are in, they are not easy to move.


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Photos of modern bathrooms feature the greatest help in designing your new space. If you want a complete new look with your bathroom makeover, there are a many styles, floorplans, and designs.
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Need help with a modern bathroom design? Before beginning your small bathroom remodel, create a simple drawing of the room dimensions on graph paper, being sure to measure accurately. Online ideas for modern bathroom designs, including bathroom photos and bathroom floor plans, can make a bathroom remodel a fun project. Many major bathroom fixture and tile companies now provide online bath design and planning tools for designing modern bathrooms. Included on these sites are many samples of bathroom floor plans.


Free Bathroom Planner

Whether you intend to add a new bathroom or remodel the present one, it is often rather difficult to visualize the final design before it is completed. But there is a way—a very simple and inexpensive way—whereby you can see just how your dream bathroom will look. Bathroom Designs+ free bathroom planner allows you to professionally plan your new bathroom. You can plan your new dream bath quickly and easily in four simple steps. Design, share and manage your bathroom plans in an online environment that is intuitive and flexible. You always have access to the stored plans and are able to process your already designed plans on your tablet or your computer.