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A decade ago, stand-alone enclosed bathroom showers were seldom considered in planning a new bathroom. Today, the morning shower means as much in the daily routine of the average person as breakfast or the morning paper. The merits of the shower enclosure itself have been the largest factors in popularizing this welcome addition to a bathroom remodel. It is ever ready—merely the turning of a valve —time-saving and, as some aptly express it, "a bracer" of the most welcome kind. Another contributing element to the increasing installation of bathroom showers is the infinite variety of designs that are obtainable, beginning with this bathroom showers photo gallery.

There are several options for an enclosed shower: tile showers, prefabricated man-made shower enclosures, or a combination of both. Understanding that, regardless of budget, there is demand for a greater showering experience. Improvements in the design and construction of shower enclosures that make them indispensable for both an old house remodel or new construction. It is not only useful, but vital, to see what shower size you can fit into your bathroom space before you begin the work. With bathroom design software you can visualize your own floor plans. But first you must decide which type of shower you would like for your bathroom space:


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1) Tile Shower: An all tile built-in shower features tile walls on three sides that are custom designed by tile installers. The shower pan or floor is also tiled in a matte finish tile to prevent it from becoming slippery. Shower doors glass can be ordered in standard sizes or there is the option of a shower door frameless. There are several categories of bathroom tiles design materials to choose for your shower enclosue: natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, and glass tile. Moreover, there is an excitingly wide selection of colors in tile guaranteeing that you will find just the right colors and color combinations for your bathroom space.


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2) Tile with Shower Pan: Pre-fabricated shower pans or shower bases mean that it is even more convenient than ever to adding an enclosed tile shower to your bathroom space. There is a shower pan in a variety of standard sizes such as 36 inches, 48 inches and 60 inch receptors. Shower pans are made of solid material in a variety of colors allowing customized looks with your tile walls without the worry of a matching tile receptor. These shower pans are also designed to keep the angle of drainage consistent.

Square and neo-angle shower bases add rugged durability with a high-gloss finish to corner showers. One of the most popular shower pans for a bathroom remodel are the shower bases designed to match standard tub sizes. With these shower receptors, swapping your bathtub for a shower is one step simpler. The effortless installation and shower pan dimensions make replacing a standard five foot bathtub quick and easy, great for any bathroom or powder room remodel. Moreover, companies such as Sterling offer shower bases with low-profile thresholds, making them easily accessible for wheelchair users.


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3) Single-Piece Prefab Shower Enclosures: This type of shower enclosure is an ideal retrofit option for homeowners who want to add the convenience of a stand-alone bathroom shower to their bathroom remodel by easily replacing an existing bathtub. There are shower enclosures specifically sized to fit a standard 5-foot bath alcove space and are available in both left- or right-hand drain configurations. Because of this dimension and design flexibility, these shower enclosures boast a user-friendly installation without having to perform extensive rework of existing plumbing. This style shower enclosure is a bit more expensive because the seams are reduced or eliminated altogether. It is also important to note that a single-piece shower unit may be difficult to get into an older home due to limited access doorways.

4) Multi-Piece Prefab Shower: These shower enclosure wall kits will have a long back panel, two corner panels, molded shelves for soap and shampoo, and side panels. The box can be easily taken through doorways of old houses or up and down stairs. The shower enclosure must be assembled on sight and fastened together.









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