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The bathroom, with its bright plumbing fixtures, its porcelain tub and its tiled floor and wall has become one of the most attractive rooms in the house. Moreover, the bathroom tiles design component is considered one of the finishing operations in a modern bathroom remodel. Bathroom tile color schemes can make a strong statement with bold and playful color palettes which will enliven any bathroom space. Utilize a free online tile planner to select a tile surface - floor, wall, or trim.



Decide what you like then design online. After all of the plumbing lines had been extended to the outside of the partitions and the wallboard is in place, the tile is set in a predetermined design and pattern. Take advantage of the ornamental qualities of bathroom tiles. Color tile is just as waterproof and just as durable as plain white tiles. Until recently, the shower enclosure was most often crafted of monotone in color fiberglass, but today the area has become an empty canvas awaiting an artistic tile design for bathroom. Equally important in considering bathroom tiles design is the area surrounding the bathtub. The latest styles of tubs feature freestanding bath tubs which stand free of the walls on all sides, opening up the area available to artistically design with bathroom tile. How to design bathroom shower tile areas is a primary concern of designers and homeowners involved in a bathroom remodel. Bathroom tile designs are featured in the bathroom photo gallery.


Bathroom Tiles DesignBathroom Tile Patterns

Many homeowners like color, and implement bright ceramic tile, marble or travertine in their bathroom tiles design to get away from the cold and glaring white tile. In planning your tile design for bathroom there are several factors to consider. Tile offers a great variety of sizes, shapes, patterns and colors. When uitilizing tile, even with a black and white tile bathroom, it is possible for architects, designers, and DIY homeowners to individualize to a high degree their bathroom tiles design. The style of the decorative treatment must be in harmony with the architecture and style of the house, not just the room. This means texture, ornament, color and general design. Remember, when choosing your bathroom tile pattern that bath tile is thought to be a permanent building material.


Black Tile BathroomBlack Tile Bathroom

Black tile works miracles in that "problem" room; black brings a richness gained in no other way. Here the daring have their day without risking bad taste because "anything goes with black." An all black tile bathroom creates an air of sophistication. See how beautiful black tile can be when it is combined with Chinese Red, gold, or green. The various black bathroom tiles designs available complement a rich collection of color and style options—including wall and mosaic tile elements—providing the unique opportunity to create a cohesive contemporary design.


Create a stunning luxury tile bathtub area with an exceptional vintage bathroom tiles design. Contrary to popular belief, not every vintage bath included a clawfoot tub with a bath tile design of plain white subway tile. Designers use these period designs, combined with today’s stunning bathroom fixtures, to create the perfect modern-day luxury bath. The center focus of the vintage bathroom tiles design is a large free-standing soaking tub set in front of an elaborately designed tile wall. The soaking tub is surmounted by a center shower bath with double faucets, including a thermometer for giving the water the desired temperature.


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