Master Bathroom Floor Plan

Featured is a lavish master bathroom floor plan, which measures 10 feet by 15 feet. This plumbing, as applied to an expensive master bath, does not consist of merely three or four fixtures that bear no relation one to the other — on the contrary, each was selected to produce an artistic interior design of the large space.


Victorian Bathroom

This bathroom floor plan represents the blending of the practical with the ornate. The three main vitreous solid porcelain fixtures —the toilet, the shower and the bathtub— are recessed.


10x15 Bathroom Floor Plan

7X15 Floor PlanThe drawing of the curtains converts the bathroom substantially into a dressing room. The bathtub and shower are built into the floor and wall. The dressing table is provided with a manicure bowl. The arrangement and shape of the bathroom fixtures lend themselves especially to a decorative tile design, which is ornate in character and a distinct departure from the conventional bathroom tiling found in master bathrooms.


The bathtub is imperial porcelain, finished outside white with embossed bead touched in gold, combination supply fittings, waste with china handle, and combination shower valves for the shower. The bathtub area is decorated with an offset curtain rod with water-proof curtains. The enclosed shower also has a water-proof shower curtain, offset curtain rod and hooks, soap dish, porcelain receptor, brass strainer and coupling. The sink is imperial porcelain with legs with china ball feet and wall supports. The toilet has an enamel white seat and wood cover, rod and links with cut glass pull. The enclosure also features an offset curtain rod and water-proof curtain. This area has an imperial porcelain floor slab.


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Bathroom Accessories

nickel towel barsThe room is furnished with a white enamel bathroom scale, a basket for soiled towels, and enamel towel rods. On the walls are plate glass toilet shelves with brackets, holder for a bath brush and a sponge holder. The bathroom also features a recessed medicine cabinet, white enameled wood frame with leaded glass door and two adjustable plate glass shelves.

sinkThe 1900s had luxurious bathroom fixtures; many manufacturers today reproduce the vintage bath look in their lines of both fixtures and accessories. Compare them with today’s bathroom fixtures to recreate this elegant vintage bath design. With an online design tools, such as the Kohler app, you can visualize your dream bathroom from the convenience of your computer. Most bathroom design planners are easy to learn and use, plus generate clear and accurate 3D views. It is simple to create individual rooms or entire houses on-screen, choosing from a library of colors, textures and even bathroom fixtures.