Black White Tile Bathroom


Today the tiled bathroom is a fixture of nearly every home. A black and white tile bathroom has the qualities of cleanliness and cheerfulness and at the same time is decidedly decorative. This color combination was often delegated to all-year-round sun rooms, foyers or breakfast rooms in summer homes. By the early 20th century, the popular black and white tile Edwardian bathroom presented the greatest demand for wall tile and gave the white glazed tile its greatest boom. Homeowners accepted and adopted the clean white subway tile and 4 x 4 squares as a standard of a sanitary bathroom.


In recent years there has been quite a vogue for the striking black and white tile bathroom accented with fine splashes of color in the bath towels and accessories. You can bring back the ambiance of a grand Fifth Avenue New York apartment from the past. The bathroom design included white subway tile walls and floor tiles in white and black octagonal tiles. Around the bathtub, the tiles went up to about six feet or so, but they were lower on the walls around the rest of the room, perhaps four feet.



Bathroom fixtures featured large square topped pedestal sinks with white column bases with glass fronted medicine cabinets recessed into the walls. Set into the wall tiles above the sink and slightly to the outside of the faucets were a porcelain soap dish and a separate glass rest with holes along each side to hold toothbrushes. Color was introduced through wallpaper, shower curtains and rugs, just as it is today.



In today's bathrooms, white is the standard color choice for fixtures like toilets and baths. While household budgets are still tight, bathroom remodels continue to create demand for the high-performance, high-style and high-value plumbing fixtures and decorative tile. The black and white tile bathroom design moves back towards a simpler, less-cluttered way of life that features a minimalist design, ease of installation, and a lower cost increasingly sought by today’s homeowners.


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