How to Design Your House with 3D Home Design Program

house plans for remodeling ideas

Most of us have mental pictures of the homes we hope one day to design. We may be a little vague as to detail, such as the exact size of the living room or the location of the fireplace, but nevertheless the average person has a rather well-defined design idea of the kind of house they want most. You probably have made rough sketches of the home you want to own—sketches that outline in general your desired home design, but which, due to your lack of experience in architectural design, fail to show the very detail that is to make your dream home different.



But with a 3D home design program, every armchair architect can create anything from a simple floor plan to straightforward blueprint style diagrams to multidimensional computer models—quick and easy. Planning a remodel with home design software is fast, fun, and lets you experiment with all kinds of possibilities without a lot of redrawing.

home design 3d software programs onlineUsing home design 3d software, such as Punch! Home Design and Landscape Pro, you can plan your ideal home to the last detail so far as proportions, locations of doors, windows, pillars, stairs, kitchen, furniture, fireplaces, bathroom fixtures, and the like are concerned. With house designer software or a 3D home design app, the architectural details have been worked out for you according to scale, making it easy to create individual rooms or entire houses on-screen, choosing from a library of colors, textures and predesigned objects. With this vital step accomplished, you can then devote your time to arranging your virtual room design ideas in the most artistic and practical manner.

First you lay out your house. Remember, though, that designs created with a standard 3D home design program will not be finished drawings from which a house can be built. They will be what an architect refers to as preliminary sketches that show your ideas in the rough. No building operations should be undertaken until a competent architect works out the detail drawings and specifications with an all-purpose construction software with professional-level CAD design tools for 2D and 3D design, detailing, modeling and rendering.  Nevertheless, these preliminary designs should give your architect or builder an adequate understanding of your ideas and could save you a great deal in construction charges.



Making Floor Plans

Software for Making Floor PlansTo begin with, study the sample home designs provided with the 3D home design program; each sample house plan will give you an idea of how to lay out your dream house. You may want to model your house after one of these plans, changing it, of course, to suit your particular needs. But the sample home designs are provided primarily to guide you in how to lay out your own floor plans. First you form a definitive idea in mind for your general floor plan and determine the dimensions. Next insert walls and partitions to represent rooms, shifting them about until you create the layout you want. With the walls temporarily in place, the next step is to locate windows and doors.

This entire process of using a 3D home design program, from creating floor plans and arranging them in various schemes to measuring and fitting in your furniture to the best advantage, you will find as entertaining and fascinating as a game or a puzzle. If you encounter difficult problems here and there with the software, don’t be discouraged. That is part of the game of the DIY home designer; and in the end you will have created something of real value to yourself.

Virtual Room Design

HOME DESIGN SOFTWARE PROGRAM An alternative to home design software to create your dream house or plan a room remodel is an online room planner. With virtual room design, the DIY decorator can create the perfect decorated space quickly and inexpensively. After a few clicks on drop-down menus, you will be looking at the exact dimensions of your room with windows, alcoves, doors, and furnishings in place. Many furniture, fixture, window and tile companies provide a free online room planner to consumers, featuring a virtual room designer, worksheets for budgeting, product lines and an online scrapbook to store your favorite sample images and inspirational photos. It is simple, quick and free to plan your transformation of a bland room into a useful, comfortable, and stylish living space.