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Homeowners of more than moderate means, setting out to remodel or renovate their homes, typically secure the services of an expert interior design decorator who advises, corrects, and often takes complete charge of the finishing of the walls and floors and the buying of the furniture, draperies, and rugs.

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To the people without these extra funds, however, the services of an interior design professional are out of the question. But with home design software, online design tools, and virtual room design the DIY decorator can visualize their dream house from the convenience of their computer. Most interior design software programs are easy to learn and use, plus generate clear and accurate 3D views.

In some cases, lacking the funds for an interior design decorator may be a blessing. There is a special pleasure in the proper gathering of household furnishings, usually for a lifetime, which is unique. If each chair and table is carefully researched and selected to fill some special need, if it is repeatedly considered in relation to its harmony with neighboring pieces of furniture in the particular room where it shall be placed, if it is wished for, saved for, and finally purchased, there is a joy in possession through effort which makes that table or chair, in its new setting, at once a comfortable friend. Moreover, by implementing a 3D home design program, the armchair decorator immerses themselves into their project and becomes part of the new space. By creating various designs of the same room, the homeowner can determine the best floor plan and furniture for their individual needs.


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The homeowner who engages an interior design decorator will surely admire the harmonious new interior of their home, but it is some time before they can really love the individual pieces of furniture. The furnishings may be beautiful and adapted to their personality and use, but there is no way to buy their friendship. The daily association, alone, can bring that. The homeowner who wishes to act as their own interior decorator must first study the general rules of art, color and light—and subsequently the principles of balance, harmony and rhythm to then apply them to their project. The next step in visually imagining your interior design is to find a free trial download of the latest interior design software.  

An interior design software program is the easiest and fastest way to visualize your dream room by laying out your floor plan and experimenting with real products and colors. Users can create professional looking floor plans quickly with the help of libraries of hundreds of architectural symbols, such as kitchen and bath fixtures, that can be inserted into the layout. Some room design software allows the homeowner to use photos imported directly from a scanner or digital camera rather than 3d design objects of furnishings. How exciting it will be to actually visualize your design dream space based on photos of your own home and of actual brand name products. With a large database of fixtures, textures and materials, the user can experiment with new interior design and decorating ideas on the screen.


Virtual Room Design

An alternative to interior design software to create your dream room or plan a room remodel is an online room planner. With virtual room design, the DIY decorator can create the perfect decorated space quickly and inexpensively. After a few clicks on drop-down menus, you will be looking at the exact dimensions of your room with windows, alcoves, doors, and furnishings in place. Many furniture, fixture, window and tile companies provide a free online room planner to consumers, featuring a virtual room designer, worksheets for budgeting, product lines and an online scrapbook to store your favorite sample images and inspirational photos. It is simple, quick and free to plan your transformation of a bland room into a useful, comfortable, and stylish living space.


Construction Software

When designing your home remodel, consider software popular with construction pros, designed by construction pros. The best construction software is intended to fill a void in the construction software arena. Whether you are looking to hire a professional contractor, run your own project, or just want to explore possibilities for changes to your home, UBuildNet lets you find resources, make connections, set up and edit projects, download free tools, and manage your home-project goals and tasks, all from a single go-to-source.


Apps for Interior Design

Today consumers can preview and interact with a paint manufacturer’s color swatches and products to virtually create the room of their dreams long before picking up a paint brush with the help of mobile paint apps for both iPhone and Android platforms. When we speak about color for a space it does not mean only the shade of your wall but also includes color of furnishings. Color has the power to alter the apparent proportions of a room. Red contracts, blue and yellow expand. Green, unless very dark, has little effect upon, the room, keeping the walls, as decorators say, well in place. Tan, gray, blue and pink have the effect of adding space, while brown, unless very light, has the same quality as green.