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The Victorian style in American domestic architecture was never a clear-cut single design like the Colonial Cape Cod or the Greek Revival. Rather it was a lively medley of several styles blended into something distinctively American. It included the American Gothic with peaked gables, towers and profusion of carvings. Another style was the French Renaissance with mansard roofs and colored stonework. The English Tudor featured casement windows and half-timbered walls covered with stucco or shingles. Some 19th century houses might have all these showy features, plus some more ideas borrowed from Italy, Japan and even the 18th century.


Victorian Style Houses

Thinking About a Tin Ceiling? Affordable alternative to expensive artistic plaster in Victorian houses & farmhouses. Pressed metal panels also work great in today's kitchens or for wainscoting panels. Design Your Bathroom: Transform your Victorian house bathroom! Bath fixtures, lighting and tile. Also highlighting the latest vintage bath design for any home. Garden Furniture: Decorate your outdoor living area with wrought iron patio furniture styles from the past, featuring wrought iron table and bench designs. Window Treatments: Create beautiful window designs with indoor and outdoor wood blinds styles, free stencil designs, and window curtain and drapery ideas.


Victorian FurnitureHome Décor, Wallpaper, Furniture

Inspirational rooms and decorating ideas for your Victorian home. Featuring unique home decor ideas in furniture, rugs, lighting, William Morris wallpaper designs and much more. Create beautiful window treatments with elegant designs from the turn of the century and fill your linen closet with vintage lace and table linens. Home Décor Ideas and Photos Here


historic houseVictorian House Pictures

Find pictures of Victorian houses and mansions for inspiration featuring interior images, architectural drawings, landscape designs, and floor plans. Older properties are a hot commodity - get tax credit for restoration and find resources to help.


Window Treatments

Create beautiful window treatments with designs from the turn-of-the-century, indoor and outdoor wood blinds styles, and free stencil designs for window curtains. Window Treatment Ideas


Victorian Garden Furniture

Seating arrangements add coziness of an indoor living-room to the charms of a Victorian style garden. Create your home garden design with an outdoor living area with wrought iron patio furniture styles from the past, featuring wrought iron table and garden bench designs.

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture


Bathroom RemodelingBathroom Remodeling

Let’s renovate your old bathroom with the latest home decor ideas! Period bath remodeling ideas, online bath design, bathroom decor, bathroom fixtures, bathroom tile, etc – everything needed for renovating an old bathroom.

Bathroom Design Help


Victorian HomeMold & Water Restoration

Residential restoration is a major project -- find tips and ideas for home improvement of your old house. Planning on removing a water damage mold problem by yourself, then odds are you are wondering how to go about doing this safely.

Resources and Ideas for Home Restoration Help


Tin CeilingTin Ceilings & Tin Panels

Every tin ceiling can create the "Wow Factor." The tin ceiling, tin ceiling panels, or tin ceilings were popular from the second half of the 19th century and the early 20th century in farmhouse kitchens and Victorian houses as an affordable alternative to expensive, artistic plaster.

See Many Examples of the Tin Ceiling


Antique LampLighting Styles

Learn how to light a Victorian house. Artistic Victorian lamps and fixtures, such as Rochester Brass Chandeliers, were found in many stately Victorian homes. Recreate a turn-of-the century feel with vintage brass chandeliers that have an old Victorian look to them.

Victorian Lighting


Victorian Music Room

The Victorian Music Room should be furnished with a sympathetic understanding of the art it represents. A large share of the distinctive quality that marks the interior of the Victorian music room depends on the selection of furniture. The placing of the piano is of importance, and the best rule to follow is that observed on the concert stage, where the soprano part of the keyboard is always toward the listeners. For protecting the polished surface of the lid an embroidered scarf may be laid upon it.The chairs should be well built and of various shapes and sizes. Tables should be distributed wherever they can be of service for holding books and music.


Old HouseOld House Window Styles

Thinking of remodeling your Victorian house? Start with your windows. When remodeling houses it is important to maintain the integrity of the original architectural design especially regarding Old House Windows styles. See Victorian style windows including bay windows, double hung windows, plus window treatments for old houses. Try window box gardening on your window sills throughout the four seasons. It is quite possible, with careful thought and care, the windows of the house can be kept filled with growing plants year-round


old houseFlooring, Windows, Fireplaces, Wallpaper, Etc

Architectural design and historic preservation information, features, ideas, flooring pictures. Window treatments period home, hardwood flooring in geometrical patterns, William Morris wallpaper designs and much more. In antique hardwood flooring, oak and maple were the most used, and birch, beech, and others to a limited extent. The so-called softwoods included the various kinds of conifers. Of these, long-leaf pine and Douglas fir, or red spruce, as it was sometimes called, were perhaps the most durable for parquet flooring ideas and patterns.


House PlansHouse Plans

Have an old house, farmhouse or Victorian home? Browse our free house plans for designs of country homes, farm houses, Victorian cottages, and French Gothic style homes for inspiration.

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GardeningVictorian Garden Design

Gardening ideas, flower garden tips, and landscape design for your Victorian garden. Restoring the garden at your old home? Explore photos of private and historic gardens for inspiration for your next gardening project. No deck, patio or garden is complete without the proper patio furniture or a decorative iron fence. Garden Inspiration Begins Here