Flooring Pictures and Design Ideas

Hardwood Flooring Pictures

For the greatest number of small and medium houses, hardwood floors are most suitable. Area rugs framed by hardwood flooring is a classic traditional design for living rooms and dining rooms. [Photo: Library of Congress]


Floors should be seen and not heard. Make your floor fine enough to be enjoyed, and then where it is necessary, cover it for comfort and quiet, for warmth and color. Whether your floor is Italian marble 24 inch square tiles, Victorian Encaustic tiles, or turn-of the-century parquet flooring it must be a part of the construction of the house, a part of the color scheme, noiseless, and easily well cared for. Exploring a flooring gallery online with colorful flooring pictures in all styles of décor and design will help you choose the correct flooring for your home.



There is literally no end to the variety of modern floors made today. Woods, hard and soft, inlaid and plain panels; concrete - all colors and textures; Italian marble, granite and stone in patterns; tiles in large or small squares in rich colors—moss green, burnt orange, terra cotta, blue like the sea; cement, smooth, in many tones, and with expensive or simple methods of laying. Also there are cork tiles and linoleum tiles, and many composition floors that are attractive and durable.




A flooring gallery with flooring pictures feature the many designs available to the homeowner, whether established Victorian house designs or modern day bamboo planking. As with any other constructional feature of a new house or home remodel, you decide upon the floors when the plans are being drawn; the beams and foundation structure must know what kind of floor they are going to carry; also the general cost of a house cannot be estimated without a tolerable certainty as to what this foundation for floors will cost.


Stained Concrete Flooring Pictures

Stained Concrete Flooring Pictures: The cost of concrete floors is very low, about $2 to $6 per square foot to polish a plain gray slab, giving it a lustrous sheen. [Photo: Library of Congress]


It is a cheerful thought (cherish them all when you are building) that the floor is one detail where economy is possible, not by selecting cheap floors, but by discriminating between good flooring and exorbitant ones. There is a difference also in the price of laying the floor foundation; study into this carefully before ordering your floors. If you have plain, narrow hardwood plank floors you can economize; if your floors are inlaid with rare woods in rich patterns and fine colors, they must of necessity be expensive.


Parquet Flooring Pictures

Parquet Flooring Pictures: If you want the most elaborate floors to be had, parquet flooring is it; so decorative and intricate that they are like a mosaic tile design. [Photo: Library of Congress]


If you want the most elaborate floors to be had, parquet flooring, so decorative and intricate that they are like mosaic, are actually reproductions of the floors in the palaces at Versailles and Chantilly. Even Thomas Jefferson ordered a floor of satinwood and rosewood that cost $2,000 for his home at Monticello. While there is a vast number of designs for parquet floors, the choice will depend on the type of room, and of course your budget.


Marble Floor Tile Pictures

Marble Floor Tile Pictures: Marble floor tile can be used in some of the most surprising spaces. A checkerboard square design in contrasting marble tiles adds depth to a foyer. [Photo: Library of Congress]


When you are planning your home, keep in mind the relation between your floors and the style of your house and the color scheme of the interior decoration, your various fittings and furnishings. The best effect is always obtained by having flooring fairly inconspicuous. It should be more in the background than the walls, and keyed well below the furniture and draperies. Again, an online flooring gallery displaying all your options in multiple flooring pictures design settings will save you time in the end.


Wall to Wall Carpet Pictures

Wall to Wall Carpet Pictures: Few floor coverings can match the comfort and practicality of wall-to-wall carpet. [Photo: Library of Congress]


Many people begin to build a home in a semi-casual way, somewhat in this fashion — "I like bay windows!" "I like curly maple!" "I like parquet floors!" "I like walnut trim!" "I like textured wall paper!" "I like cottage style rugs!"— and in the end, the house isn't one bit what they like, it is so restless and unrelated. This is one of the many reasons why it takes so long to plan a home successfully, and why it is wise to begin to think about your home and work over every detail of it weeks before you build. It is best to decide first about the general woodwork and trim and fit the floors to the scheme they suggest; then make an inventor of all furniture and draperies on hand. Only in this way can you escape confusion and worry. Do not omit a single floor, from attic to cellar, including kitchen and porch. Will your floor be wood, concrete, tile and on what kind of a foundation? How closely related to your woodwork and trim? What variation from room to room?


Tile Flooring Pictures

Tile Flooring Pictures: Tile flooring is known for its durability, moisture resistance and low maintenance requirements. Tile is often used in kitchen floors and bathroom floors but is fairly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications. [Photo: Library of Congress]


Porcelain Tile Pictures

Porcelain Tile Pictures: Porcelain floor tiles are much harder and denser than ceramic and tend to have white or gray overall colorings. Chips in porcelain are not as noticeable because these tiles are the same color throughout. [Photo: Library of Congress]


Kitchen Flooring Pictures

Kitchen Flooring Pictures: In an open floor plan, it is best to maintain the same flooring in all areas. Hardwood flooring is used in both the kitchen and living room spaces. [Photo: Library of Congress]


Keep in mind your rugs and furniture. For the greatest number of small and medium houses in this country, wood floors are most suitable. American homes and condominiums are apt to be luxurious even when quite small, and through the centuries wood has proved to be convenient, economical, yet capable of quiet elegance; also, a wood floor furnishes a rare opportunity, if well selected, of displaying rugs to good advantage, another reason why you must regard your floor surface as a background. Author: Mary F Roberts