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Weird Effects for Halloween Tables

A Halloween party is made most eye-catching by excluding the light from the room and allowing candles to shine. Choosing unique and attractive Halloween decorations will mark the success of your Halloween party. Begin with one of the table decorating ideas below:

Halloween Decorations


As a centerpiece for the table have a large pumpkin with a face cut on each side, the inside lit by candles. Around the pumpkin place yellow ears of corn pointing outward like rays, and between them arrange little mounds of fruit and nuts. More illuminated Jack-O-Lantern faces should peer out from various nooks.

Halloween Decorations


A candle-light supper is a novel idea for Halloween. Fill a large glass bowl with water on which a small quantity of olive-oil has been poured, and place it in the center of the table. On this oil let fifteen or twenty tiny tapers float —the oil itself serving as the illuminant. The other light in the dining room should come from shaded candles.

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For a white Halloween theme, Jack-O-Lanterns can be made of white gourds or white pumpkins with lights inside and the floral centerpiece consists of white chrysanthemums.  Trailing white gauze and suspended white spider webs throughout the room will create an eerie and unique white decorating theme.

Halloween Decorations


Halloween apples for a table decoration have the centers scooped out and little diamond-shaped pieces cut through the sides for windows. Leave the stems on and level the apples so that they will stand firm. To obtain a pretty effect place a small lighted candle inside each apple, and darken the room.



Another novel centerpiece suitable for a Halloween table consists of a large cabbage cut to look like a rose. The heart of the cabbage is removed and the inner "petals" so pressed back that a small bowl filled with alcohol may be placed in the center. This is to be carefully lighted just before the guests assemble, the other lights being temporarily extinguished.


Pine-tree candlesticks, composed of short lengths of the pine tree, are pretty to see on the table. Trim the branches a little and bore a hole in the top to hold a candle. Level the base of the branch, so that it will not topple over, or nail it to a small block, painted green.






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Halloween Decorations


Halloween Decorations


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