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This Halloween party theme is carried out in red, yellow and brown, with autumn leaves for decorations. The centerpiece is a mammoth pumpkin with holes bored in a circle around the top, containing white candles. On all four sides grotesque faces are cut. Or a pumpkin with the top off and the center cut out might also serve as a centerpiece, filled either with fruit, chestnuts or chrysanthemums.

pumpkinDarken the room and light the fireplace. At either end of the table are small pumpkins filled with fruit and clusters of grapes hanging over the sides. Little dishes on the table hold chocolates or candied chestnuts. Alternating yellow carrots and flat white turnips hold red candles, while a row of red and white ears of corn decorate the mantelpiece. Carve out orange skins - through an opening at one end cut eyes, nose, and mouth, as is done in making Jack o'Lanterns, drop a little hot wax in the bottom of each, and put in a small lighted candle - the effect is pretty when the table is all lighted.


Guest cards of burnt leather are in keeping with the colors of the table and with the idea of the day. They can be decorated with sketches of witches, goblins, or lighted candles; or purchase some small trinkets, such as stick-pins with witches, to attach to the cards.


gourdsFor entertainment, the contest arranged is the carving of faces out of white bell-shaped squashes, colorful gourds or small pumpkins. Each guest selects the vegetable upon which his artistic skill is to be applied, and then there is an exhibition, with a prize for the best production. In addition, a gilded basket filled with nuts, one of which contains a silver charm as the reward. The guests all help in cracking the nuts until the lucky one is discovered.


Halloween Menu

White Grapes
Tomato Bisque
Fried Oysters. Sauce Tartare
Chicken Croquettes with Peas
Quail. Currant Jelly
French Fried Potatoes
Fruit Sherbet In Skins
Wine Jelly With Cream
Cakes and Chocolate


The sherbet is delicious, although troublesome to prepare. Small fruit is selected, the pulp removed in spoonfuls without the breaking the sections.  Mix pulp with softened sherbet and let sit in the freezer till hardened; meanwhile the skins of the fruit are cut in basket shapes, and when the luncheon is ready, the frozen fruit mixture is heaped in these.

The wine jelly, while still warm, is poured over bits of candied fruit laid in a ring mold. When served, the center is filled with whipped cream and candied fruit scattered over all.






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Ideas for Halloween Party



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