Have an Old-Fashioned Halloween Luncheon with Friends Before Kid's Fun

Halloween decorations



Set a round table without a tablecloth and have all the decorations in brown, or in yellow and brown. In the center of the table you may have a pumpkin with the top cut off and the insides removed with a bowl filled with either a quantity of chestnuts or fruit or with chrysanthemums in dark shades which will contrast with the yellow. Or, if autumn leaves are to be had, the dark crimson ones are pretty in the pumpkin. Put brown satin ribbons on the table, and chocolate bonbons, and marrons in your little dishes.

Your cards may be decorated with witches, or brownies, or other suggestions of Halloween, or you may purchase little silver souvenirs: stick-pins with witches on one end, or small crescents with quaint little figures with brooms. Or you may make pretty souvenir cards of burnt leather, which will harmonize with your table decorations. Darken your room and light the gas, but turn it low for the beginning of the meal. Buy some of the bonbon boxes which resemble oranges, and remove the inside. Cut slits for eyes, nose, mouth, and so transform them into miniature jack-a-lanterns. Drop a little hot wax into each and set a candle end firmly in it. When these are lighted the effect of the table is distinctly quaint. Real oranges may be used if those of pasteboard cannot be had. 


Halloween Menu

White grapes.

Tomato soup.

Creamed oysters in cases.

Chicken croquettes with peas.

Quail on toast; jelly; French fried potatoes.

String-bean salad. Cheese crackers.  Olives.

Wine jelly with cream. Chocolate cake.

Coffee. Marrons glacés.


The salad is made of delicate string-beans cooked whole and served on lettuce with stiff mayonnaise. The jelly, while still warm, is to be poured over bits of candied fruit laid in a ring mould. When served the centre of the ring is to be piled high with whipped cream. The marrons are easily made at home by stewing peeled Italian chestnuts in heavy syrup till tender, and then rolling them lightly in granulated sugar. They are to be dried on oiled paper.






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Halloween Decorations


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halloween decorations

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