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This particular Halloween party is for young children who are invited from three o'clock until six. When they arrive, they find the rooms are darkened. The lamps are draped with yellow or orange fabric and, as such an occasion would not be complete without Jack-o'-Lanterns, there are:




Pumpkins large and pumpkins small,

Pumpkins short and pumpkins tall,

Pumpkins yellow and pumpkins green,

Pumpkins dull and those with sheen.


Carved pumpkins, lit with small candles, hide in every nook and corner. Even the vases filled with flowers are made of carved out pumpkins. Wood is crackling and blazing in the large fireplace, as if anxious to do its part to make everyone happy.


Halloween pumpkins


Halloween Activites:

Hanging from the ceiling is a branch of evergreen with nuts suspended in such a fashion that they readily fall to the floor when given a slight shake. Before this is done, however, each child is given a paper bag to hold the nuts, which tumble in all directions.

Halloween CostumesThen a huge pasteboard pumpkin covered with yellow crinkled paper is brought in. Bright colored ribbons hang over the sides, and when the small boys and girls take turns in pulling them, out comes all sorts of little toys and trinkets.

Before supper is announced the children are given party horns and hats. After putting them on, they march from the living room into the hall and to the dining room, to a merry marching song.


Halloween Party Food:

The greatest surprise of all awaits them in the dining room, for the walls are covered with large branches of evergreens, making it seem like "real woods"; not a chair is in the room. The little ones are invited to seat themselves on soft cushions placed on the floor, in true picnic style. popcorn

Here they have the merriest time eating their picnic supper from the yellowest of yellow gourds, which have been hollowed out, lined with party napkins, and filled with petite sandwiches and animal-shaped cookies. On top of each one is an apple or pumpkin shaped container—filled with delicious candy. Popcorn balls and salad in orange baskets are included.

Fun children’s games are played until they go home, laden with goodie bags of candy and toy party favors, and of course a souvenir decorated Jack-O'-Lantern.

[From: In and Outdoor Games: with Suggestions for Entertainments]


Halloween Costumes


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