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Here are ideas to create a Victorian bathroom that takes you back to another time. A popular idea for many homeowners these days is to take on home improvement projects to make their homes a little nicer rather than relocating to a newer house. Many homeowners like to go with a theme for rooms when they are remodeling, such as a Victorian bath or a vintage kitchen. If you are thinking of going with that old-fashioned style claw foot tub Victorian bathroom idea, here are several concepts on how to design a bathroom that will take you back to another time.


Victorian Bathroom Ideas

Most Victorian houses were big and roomy with four bedrooms on the second floor. They had, however, only one small bathroom, perched inconveniently on a landing halfway up the main staircase. Therefore, it is understandable that you do not want to recreate a true Victorian bathroom in exact detail. The late 1800s and early 1900s had luxurious bathroom fixtures. Compare original vintage bathroom fixtures with today’s to recreate an authentic Victorian bathroom design.

In the early 1900s, vintage bathroom fixtures became so elaborate in number and quality, that the conveniences home owners had in their bathroom were limited only by one's purse. The leading manufacturers at this time anticipated the dreams of the home owner and provided the most luxurious bathroom fixtures. Compare the old style fixtures with new vintage bathroom fixtures. to develop a design for your bathroom space. The first step would be the choice of bathroom vanity. Choose one that reflects the period. A contemporary style vanity, even with Victorian accents and decorations, will not suffice.


To achieve the transformation to a Victorian bathroom design you need to search for antique style vanities that have an previous century style, like a raised white porcelain sink with a rich mahogany cabinet base. The bathroom vanity is one of three major bathroom fixtures that decide the décor of the room, especially with a Victorian theme. The vintage style pedestal sink is also a choice for those looking for a period design. Be sure to match the toilet and bathtub colors to completely makeover your modern bathroom to a Victorian bathroom.

What first comes to mind when thinking about Victorian bathroom design is an antique tub. Of course you will not include the old marbleized tin tubs seen in period western movies, but you might find the claw foot tub design appealing. A footed bath tub is the classic style for a Victorian bathroom. Claw foot tubs are a charming and beautiful part of any Victorian bath, and the primary fixture that brings your design idea for a relaxing Victorian bath to life. Today there are many freestanding bath tubs designs to choose from, but the first thing to do with any bathroom remodel is measure your space so you know what will fit and design a bathroom floor plan. A complete bathroom floor plan should include plumbing and electrical systems, fixtures, cabinets, heat, lighting, and ventilation. Online you can locate ideas, photos, and costs. A handy tool for bathroom design is an online bathroom planner.


Victorian Bathroom Fixtures

To create a real Victorian bathroom design, consider installing an old-fashioned style toilet. The toilet is a bath fixture that historically has been overlooked within the bathroom. Trends and style changes come and go from time to time, recently this change has seen an amazing resurgence of vintage bath and traditional bath designed products. Because of the demand, many fixture companies still produce Victorian bathroom style toilets, which are generally designed with a high tank and a pull chain with a decorative accent on the end. There are low tank Victorian style toilets as well if that is more your taste.


Victorian Bathroom Floor Plan

This elegant Victorian bathroom floor plan measures 10 by 15 feet. This plumbing, as applied to an expensive upper class bathroom, does not consist of merely three or four fixtures that bear no relation one to the other — on the contrary, each was selected to produce an artistic interior design of the large bathroom floor plan.


Victorian Style Bath


The Victorian bathroom floor plan highlights, for the period, the blending of the everyday with the ornate. The three central vitreous porcelain fixtures —the water closet, the shower and the bathtub— are recessed. The drawing of the curtains converts the bathroom noticeably into a dressing room. The bathtub and shower are erected into the floor and wall. The toilet table is provided with a manicure bowl. The layout and profile of the bathroom fixtures lend themselves especially to a decorative tile design, which is elaborate in design and a clear-cut departure from the conventional bathroom tile design.


Bathroom Fixtures

water closetThe bathtub is imperial porcelain, finished outside white with embossed bead touched in gold, combination supply fittings, waste with china handle, and combination shower valves for the shower. The bathtub area is decorated with an offset curtain rod with water-proofed white duck curtains. The enclosed shower also has a water-proofed white duck shower curtain, offset curtain rod and hooks, soap dish, porcelain receptor, brass strainer and coupling. The sink is imperial porcelain with legs with china ball feet and wall supports. The water closet has an enamel white seat and wood cover, rod and links with cut glass pull. The enclosure also features an offset curtain rod and water-proofed white duck curtain. This area has an imperial porcelain floor slab.

7X15 Floor Plan

Bathroom Accessories

bathroom scaleThe room is furnished with a white enamel bathroom scale, a basket for soiled towels, and enamel towel rods. On the walls are plate glass toilet shelves with brackets, holder for a bath brush and a sponge holder. The bathroom also features a Colonial recessed medicine cabinet, white enameled wood frame with leaded glass door and two adjustable plate glass shelves.

The 1900s had luxurious bathroom fixtures; sinkmany manufacturers today reproduce the vintage bath look in their lines of both fixtures and accessories. Compare them with today’s bathroom fixtures to recreate a vintage bath design. With an online design tools, such as the Kohler app, you can visualize your dream bathroom from the convenience of your computer. Most bathroom design planners are easy to learn and use, plus generate clear and accurate 3D views. It is simple to create individual rooms or entire houses on-screen, choosing from a library of colors, textures and even bathroom fixtures.


Victorian Bathroom Inspiration

View a Victorian bathroom interior from 1883 with painted tiles and mahogany paneled walls for inspiration for your Victorian bathroom remodeling project. Find Victorian bath robes, slippers, soaps, towels and more to complete your luxury bathroom remodeling project. Learn about the Vanderbilt's luxury Victorian bath on the east side of Central Park.


Bathroom Design Tools

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