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The styles of freestanding bath tubs are many, such as traditional roll top, slipper, dual (or double ended), and pedestal. The usual shape of freestanding baths is square at the foot and round at the head. At the foot are the drain and supply pipes which are made in several combinations. The double freestanding bath tap, which gives hot or cold water or a mixture of both, is advisable for freestanding bath tubs. The small cup between the faucets is a ring tray and can be replaced with a soap dish if desired.Most freestanding baths have a shampoo attachment or body spray that can be used instead of an overhead shower so that the head and hair is kept dry if desired, and if a shower is not going to be installed this attachment can be provided for in freestanding bath tubs.


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Styles of Freestanding Baths

freestanding bath tubA freestanding bathtub encased in tile is an attractive design feature chosen by interior designers. Solid porcelain tubs rest on the floor, set into the tile, and in some cases the freestanding bathtub has been sunk into the floor a foot and then encased to avoid the high step necessary to get into freestanding baths. The plunge —sunk in the floor— is an unusual bath design treatment that permits more freedom of movement; but the tile, when wet, is slippery, therefore one should expect to take care not to recklessly slip.

Another style of freestanding bath tubs is the Roman tub; these freestanding baths are alike at each end —with fixtures in the middle of one side of the rim. This double-ended style provides a choice of bathing positions. The ideal position for the freestanding bathtub, if there is available room, is with the foot against a wall and ample room on either side to get in or out of it. Tubs are made in lengths ranging from 4 feet to 6 feet, and about 30 inches in width over rims.


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Acrylic freestanding bath tubs are crafted from high-quality cast acrylic with a bonded construction which provides a high-gloss shine inside and out. Freestanding baths of cast iron are made from quality vitreous porcelain-over-cast-iron and are finished inside and outside. Cast iron has superior natural heat retention that helps to keep your bath water warm for longer bathing periods. The weight of massive cast iron freestanding baths in a house is considerable and will cause a settlement of the floors unless carefully supported.


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